Air Fryer

I was skeptical at first, but the air fryer has become one of my all-time favorite gadgets. It cooks foods quicker than an oven, while also giving them nice crispiness and browned color.

The air fryer is wonderful for cooking appetizer finger-foods, like shrimp and quesadillas, but where it really shines is in helping to bring weeknight meals together.

You can use the air fryer to cook chicken breasts or thighs, pork chops and pork tenderloin, and salmon. My favorite things to cook in the air fryer to help with meals are sausages and ground beef. Sausages come out crisp and brown on the outside, and fully-cooked inside. The best part is that it’s totally hands-free – you don’t even have to flip the sausages over! Ground beef similarly browns evenly and well without you having to be there to stir and watch over it. Such a great help on a busy night!

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