Instant Pot Meal – Chicken Breasts from Frozen with Rice & Carrots

In less than 30 minutes, you can have an entire meal with tender chicken breasts, creamy risotto-like rice, and sweet carrots thanks to the Instant Pot.

In less than 30 minutes, you can have an entire meal with tender chicken breasts, creamy risotto-like rice, and sweet carrots thanks to the Instant Pot.

How many times have you reminded yourself to take the chicken out of the freezer only to discover that, after you started doing 10 other things, you totally forgot? For me, more often than I’d like to admit.

I have written about cooking chicken from frozen in a post aptly named How to Cook Chicken Breasts from Frozen and one for Chicken Parmesan Using Frozen Chicken Breasts. Both of these recipes use the oven.  The cooking times are based upon information from the USDA. Basically, it says you need to add about 50 percent more cooking time.

So, when I’m crunched for time and need to get a meal on the table in less than 30 minutes, I turn to frozen chicken breasts. And to make it even quicker, I put those frozen chicken breasts into the Instant Pot!

If you want to just cook plain frozen chicken breasts, head over here for the info. This is ideal for meal prep or for when you want plain chicken quickly.

If you want a full meal that starts with frozen chicken breasts, then turn to the recipe below. It uses frozen chicken breasts, uncooked rice, and uncooked carrots. That all goes into the Instant Pot and then blammo, you have a delicious one-pot dinner.

There is no fussing with multiple settings. All of the ingredients go in at the same time, you lock the lid in place, turn the vent to seal, and set the time. In the time it takes to round up the kids and set them to the task of setting the table, dinner is ready to be served. Supper saved!


Instant Pot Meal – Chicken Breasts from Frozen with Rice & Carrots

  • Author: Allie McDonald
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 14 minutes
  • Total Time: 24 minutes
  • Yield: 4


IMPORTANT: This recipe has VERY mixed reviews in the comment section below. For that reason, I took the recipe down and retested it twice. It worked perfectly both times. While the recipe was down, I got the following in an email, “Hi there, I used a recipe off of your website last week in my new instant pot.  I saved the link because my family liked it so much!  However, I went back to make it tonight and the link no longer works. :-(  Can you tell me where I can find a post of your “Frozen Chicken breast, rice and carrots” instant pot recipe?”

I do not doubt the negative reviews that this recipe has received at all. But given my own success with this recipe, and that email, and some other positive feedback, I have decided to republish the recipe. I’ll also tell you more about how I made it:

  • My instant pot is an 8 quart one, this one.
  • I used chicken breasts that were 6-8 ounces each. Larger chicken breasts might throw off the recipe. I’ve updated the recipe to reflect this.
  • My chicken breasts are individually frozen, meaning that they were not frozen in a big clump. I either buy them already individually frozen or I bring fresh chicken breasts home and freeze them in a single non-touching layer on a cookie sheet before transferring them to a freezer bag. I’ve updated the recipe to reflect this.
  • I have now tried this recipe both with rinsed and non-rinsed rice. This doesn’t seem to affect burning or sticking. There was a little bit of sticking with both versions. The latter resulted in a wetter finished rice. Either way, the rice was creamy and soft, like risotto almost. I’ve left the rice unrinsed in the recipe.
  • Note that many commenters have said that they used an extra 1/2 cup of chicken broth (so 2 and 1/2 cups instead of 2 cups). I haven’t yet tried this but the comments seem to be positive.

I’m truly sorry to those of you for whom this recipe has failed. I’m afraid to recommend that anyone else try it at this point. But if you’re brave and do, please leave a comment below letting us all know how it went. Good luck!


  • 1 and 1/4 cups long grain white rice
  • 2 cups unsalted chicken broth
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. pepper
  • 4  (6-8 ounces each) individually-frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 2 tsp. Italian herb blend, or your favorite dried herb blend
  • 56 large carrots, peeled and cut into 1” pieces


  1. Measure rice into bottom of the Instant Pot.
  2. Add chicken broth and salt and pepper, stir to combine.
  3. Lay the frozen chicken breasts on top of the rice. Season the chicken breasts with the Italian herb blend or your favorite herb blend.
  4. Lay carrots on top of the rice.
  5. Cover pot, lock on the lid, and set the steam release valve to Sealing
  6. Select Pressure Cook and make sure it’s set to high. Set the time to 9 minutes.
  7. When the cooking cycle has finished, allow the pot to sit for 5 minutes, and then do a quick release by moving the valve to Venting.


You can make this recipe with fresh chicken breasts as well.  Set the cooking time to 7 minutes. Allow the pot to sit for 5 minutes, and then do a quick release by moving the valve to Venting.

This recipe was originally published in July 2018 and was updated in October 2019.
Instant Pot Meal - Chicken Breasts from Frozen with Rice & Carrots

322 responses to “Instant Pot Meal – Chicken Breasts from Frozen with Rice & Carrots”

  1. Derrick says:

    Worked perfectly for me. Chicken fully cooked, rice fully cooked, and nothing burnt or stuck to the bottom. I did add an extra 1/2 cup of water but I’ll try next week without. You have saved me a lot of time and energy. Currently trying to lose weight and stop eating out so this will be something I’ll come back to just because it’s so easy. Got me 2 days worth of food and all I did was some measurements and threw stuff in.

  2. This worked for me. Made it in May of 2021. Have a relatively new Instant Pot. Followed recipe. I did spray with a bit of Pam before putting the rice in. I added the stock by pouring it around, but did not stir. Then, I used the Schwan’s individually frozen chicken breasts. I ran under cold water for about 10 miinutes to loosen up enough to get out of the vacuum seal pouch. Pressure cooker for 9 minutes, I shut off the Keep Warm function. Tested the temp when it was done and it was perfect. Rice was a good texture, carrots were fork tender but not falling apart. I liked it a lot and will use for a basic recipe frequently.

  3. Emilie Olsen says:

    This saved me for a very unusual reason, haha.
    My dog is sick and so needs a bland diet of rice and chicken. ‘Like porridge consistency’ per the vet. I gave him his meds and then realized I was supposed to have his meal ready for him within 30mins and I still had the chicken in the freezer! I quickly thought of the hot pot and found your instructions online. Obviously I adjusted the ingredients. Just rice and frozen chicken, and water instead of broth. But it still worked perfectly and got the meal ready for my dog in time after his meds. Thank you! This option will make his meals when he’s under the weather much easier for me. Some day I’ll make the real version of the recipe for myself ;)

  4. Jeff says:

    Well, I got a burn notice before it was up to pressure. Scraped the bottom, threw in some more water and tried again. No dice…”burn”. Next, I kept the pressure up-ish using keep warm and slow cook (of all things). Eventually, I limped along until the chicken was cooked (using Thermopop thermometer – take this out if it violates something, but it’s the best thermometer I’ve ever used). We ate it. It was okay.
    I wonder if an older Instant Pot has little scratches on the bottom surface and so is more prone to sticking and thus “burn”. Maybe a spritz with some Pam or other cooking spray would mitigate that. You’d have to be careful mixing it up, though, so as not to scrape off the protective film. Anyway, not so much set it and forget it for me. I knew the risks coming in and will likely try it again. This, for sure, is not my first “burn” notice. Thanks for the recipe, Christine. And chill out, angry people. She’s trying to give us something good.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I didn’t have long grained rice. Used a regular sized box of Chicken Rice-A-Roni, browned the rice in 1Tbsp butter on Sauté, put two bigger Costco individually wrapped frozen chicken breasts on top, shook seasoning packet on top of rice and chicken, sealed and cooked on High for 9 mins. Did natural release until 5 mins. Came out creamy like risotto and chicken was perfect and tender. Thanks for the recipe! 

  6. KATHY says:

    Hi flavor hood rice great but chicken tough I used fresh breast’s for
    7 mins. What went wrong because I’d like to try this again!

  7. Raife says:

    FYI: Only put rice in the bottom of your instant pot if you want to ruin your dinner and spend the rest of the night cleaning burnt rice on an empty stomach.

  8. Richard says:

    If i double the rice should i add double the broth and add another 9 min???

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Richard, I’ve never tried it with extra rice so I’m not positive. You definitely need to double the amount of broth. I think you might be able to keep the cooking time the same though. With extra rice in there, the initial heating time will get naturally increased by a little bit. Then, once high pressure is reached, more rice doesn’t take longer to cook than less rice, so it should work out.

  9. Kelsey Chatard says:

    Turn off the keep warm button and the rice will be less likely to burn

  10. Krystal Goolsby says:

    Made this a couple weeks ago and it turned out great! I’m about to make it again tonight!

  11. Haro says:

    I tried the cooking method from this recipe tonight. I used my preferred seasoning blend (Uncle Chris’ Famous Steak Seasoning) in place of the salt, pepper and italian seasoning and added an extra 1/2 cup of chicken broth. It came out great! I will definitely make one pot chicken with rice like this again!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Paul says:

    Very rarely do I comment on recipes that I use, but since you said that you had received negative reviews in the past, I wanted to say that I followed your recipe exactly as you have it written, and not only was it a huge hit with everyone, it was also a life-saver tonight because we had a few things going on, and this was fast and easy!  Thank you so much!  

  13. Julie says:

    Amazing – I cut the recipe in half like one other comment stated. Instead of the carrots, I used frozen pea/carrot combo on top of the rice, and added some canned mushrooms (because they are a favorite of the lady I cook for). It was a hit – and I will make it again. The rice was fluffy and mixed with the peas and carrots, was absolutely delicious. I used regular chicken broth, just cut back on the other added salt. Thank you for this recipe.

  14. Victoria says:

    Delicious! I added lemon pepper to mine, and a little butter. Making this one again!

  15. Rick Cooley says:

    Great solution. The only change for me is that I always use brown rice. Liquid to rice ratio 1:1, unranked. Time has to go up to 22 min, 7-10 min natural release. Rice, chicken and carrots were perfect.

  16. Teresa Krause says:

    Turned it perfect. I tried this minutes the carrots bc I didn’t have any on hand. Just heated canned carrots with it. (I know a poor substitute but my husband like canned vegetables.) Probably the third time I’ve used my insta pot. Just now getting use to it. The rice was a little browned on the bottom but I really like it that way. I will add more seasoning to the rice next time. I usually add an onion soup mix when I make rice in the stove top. Will definitely to that next time. But other than that. Perfect. Yay!

  17. Amelia Sally says:

    This was my first use of my new instapot. It turned out perfect! My only fault was I put to much Italian seasoning for my liking. Chicken was perfect, rice was perfect. I did rinse the rice 3 times, old habits. I had only 1 can of chicken broth so I added about 1/3 cup water. I didn’t measure my seasonings that’s where I went wrong. However, your instructions were perfect!! Thank you, for my first time, it was fabulous.

  18. Erin says:

    tried this (with the 1/2 cup extra broth), and it turned out great. such an easy good meal!

  19. Isabella says:

    I made this with four frozen thin sliced chicken breasts, a little less carrot, a little more black pepper, calrose rice (unrinsed), and beer can chicken seasoning. I used the exact measurements for rice and liquid and stacked everything else on top of that in the bottom of the pot, and followed the exact cook and release times. It turned out great! The rice was the perfect sticky but not dry texture and both chicken and rice were seasoned and tasted great! Thanks so much for the recipe- it will be a new regular.

  20. Shenoa Schulte says:

    I wanted to mention that part of the issue might be that if you buy your chicken at Costco or Sam’s Club it is of a mutant size. I just weighed a random one in my bag and it is 13 ounces. This is pretty par for the course when you at bulk stores. How do you adjust the cook time to account for mutant chicken?

    • Christine Pittman says:

      That is definitely possible, Shenoa. It’s best to use as close to the sizes listed in the recipes as that’s how we have tested them and figured out the cooking times. If you have giant ones you could always try cutting them in half before freezing?

  21. Jane says:

    I made it just as written and it came out perfect! I have a 6qt cooker. Thank you for sharing how you made it.

  22. Lolly says:

    Made exactly as described except had frozen chicken tenderloins. Used herbs de Provenance and it’s delish!  Adding it to the rotation!  Thanks for posting! 

  23. Brittany says:

    Yummy!! I used low sodium chicken stock and 3 tsp of roasted chicken Bouillon instead of salt to add more flavor. I cooked mine for 8 minutes since my instant pot is stronger than the one used in this recipe (I have the Duo Evo Plus 8qt) But it came out slighty under so I had to pop the chicken in the oven for a few. I should have stuck to recipe and done 9 minutes!!! My rice did not burn and was yummy. Will definitely try this again and follow the cooking time! 

  24. Stephanie says:

    This recipe is now my favorite!! I made it tonight and my family absolutely LOVED it! Everyone had seconds! I added time because my chicken breasts were not only frozen but frozen together. The chicken came out so juicy and tender. The rice was a bit over cooked but it tasted great! I’m not changing a thing…Thank you

  25. Liz says:

    Why can’t i see the comments? Your disclaimer says the reviews are mixed in the comments but I can’t see them to see where others may have gone wrong? Can you turn them back on so they are visible?

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Sorry about that, Liz. I’m not sure what happened, but we’ve gotten that issue resolved. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

  26. Cindy says:

    I rinsed the rice and put the chicken on a trivet – I still got the dreaded burn notice and had to finish cooking the chicken on the ooktop.The rice burned, but some was salvageable.

  27. I have made this recipe several times. My family including grandchildren like it. It’s a keeper as my husband says.

  28. Cathy S says:

    Turned out perfect for us.  I was worried due to comments on not enough liquid.  But, since we don’t like ‘creamy’ rice, I took a chance.  Rice came out nice and fluffy and chicken super tender.  Will add this to my dinner rotation.

  29. BradO says:

    This is great! thanks so much for posting this recipe. Worked great in my new IP. But more importantly it helped me understand some of the principles of pressure cooking. And now I find this method is a great starting point for a lot of variations. 

    One thing I noticed is how tender the chicken is and I can take 2 forks and shred the chicken after opening the pot, then continue in sauté mode to simmer in some different spices or sauces.  

    The point is a good recipe will lead you to understand how to make it your own. Thanks for getting my gears going.

  30. Charisse says:

    Thank you for this recipe. I frequently seek out frozen chicken recipes. I made this largely as instructed and it turned out pretty well. The chicken I was using was on the large side, so I think when I do this the next time, I will allow for a couple extra minutes of pressure cooking. There were a few crunchy rice pieces too, so perhaps a 1/4 cup more chicken broth will also do the trick. I substituted mushrooms for the carrots. From reading other comments, I sauteed garlic and onion before adding the rice for a little extra flavor. This was my first time making the rice in the InstantPot with the chicken and it was great. No more need for the rice cooker! Thank you for posting this recipe!

  31. Holly says:

    Hi! I had a bit of a brain freeze yesterday and forgot to pull chicken from the freezer earlier in the day so when I came across this recipe for chicken and rice using frozen breasts I was thrilled. I did make a couple of adjustments for my personal taste by sautéing onions and garlic before adding the rice and using a 2 to 1 ratio of liquid to rice, but kept the cooking time the same and it came out perfectly! No sticking or burn notice and the rice was creamy like risotto. Thank you for posting this, and reposting as it saved dinner. I’m still learning the ins and outs of the Instant Pot when it comes to cooking times and the order of ingredient adding, but this is definitely a keeper!

  32. Donnie says:

    Tried this today. I did not have any problems with burning.

    I halved it. I used 1/2 the amount of rice, and 1 14.5oz can of chicken broth (just over 1 cup), and 2 frozen chicken breasts and a handful of baby carrots.

    It turned out well, though it was a little bland (I did use the full amount of Italian seasoning), but drizzling it with some Italian dressing made it much better.

    All said, a very good recipe that I’ll make again. I’d like to play around with the seasonings a bit.

  33. Megan says:

    Delicious!!!! No problems with the recipe! I used frozen chicken tenders instead of breasts and put frozen peas on top instead of carrots. Turned out amazing!!!

  34. Donna Walford says:

    Epic fail I’m afraid. This is the first time I’d experienced such a problem with the burn. Very frustrating, wish I’d read comments before launching in and cooking. 

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Sorry about that, Donna. So many love this one, but it seems it doesn’t work for everyone.

  35. Tara says:

    Hi! We made the dish and it turned out Incredible!! We used the trivet to hold the frozen chicken and mixed the unwashed basmatti rice with the chicken stock.  Sprinkled salt and pepper with garlic and rosemary.  And added the carrots around the rim of the pot.  Turned out great for us!  This is a keeper and going into the rotation!

    Thank you – what a HUGE timesaving meal💕!

  36. Kim says:

    Made as directed, rice was quite yummy. The chicken was cooked through, but bland, so I drizzled it with some Italian dressing. Next time I’ll use half the amount of the chicken and mix it in with the rice when done. Will probably skip the carrots. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t fabulous. Broccoli or peas mixed in would be good.

  37. Cathy says:

    Turned out perfect!  I was concerned about the rice being too soft.  I’m not a fan of the risotto texture.  After reading comments about not enough liquid for the rice, I figured it would be exactly how I would like it. And I was right!  Rice was perfectly fluffy!  I used regular stock (with salt), rinsed my rice clear, and followed as written.  Definitely adding to my regular menu!  Thank you!

  38. Larry Watkins says:

    Using a 6-quart Instant Pot. Used full ingredients list, but the sealing pop-up never sealed. I can only assume that the rice cooked OK but soaked up all the broth. Rice & carrots were great, but chicken was still somewhat raw. So took out the rice/carrot mix, poured more broth into instant pot with chicken and voila! Enough liquid for steam & cooked perfectly. Will use more liquid next time at the beginning & see if that works. Not giving up on this recipe!

  39. Caitlin says:

    I tried this evening. The flavor is wonderful, unfortunately I had extra liquid – like soup rather than rice. I have no idea what I did wrong. Bad measurements on my part I’m sure. I’m definitely going to try again with less liquid, I 2as really looking forward to the creamy risotto style rice.

  40. Great recipe … definitely bookmarked to use again (and again). Made it tonight and followed the directions as posted. The only ingredient I had to switch out was the rice. I used arborio because it’s all we had on hand. What a perfect substitution! So our risotto-like rice actually was risotto and it was soooo good! I seasoned the chicken (Costco – frozen and individually packaged) with herbes de Provence and garlic, and it was super moist, the rice (as stated) was perfect, and the carrots were tender and sweet. 

  41. Staci R. says:

    It came out great!  I actually had 2 frozen chicken breasts and 2 thawed chicken breasts, so I put them all in. They came out pretty much identical. The fresh ones were not overly dry, but they were not juicy either. Overall, I’ve used this recipe several times and it’s worked out great for me each time. I’m not sure why it’s burning for some people, but I don’t think it’s the fault of the recipe. 

  42. Katrina says:

    Made this tonight. Didn’t have carrots, so left them out. I also just eyeballed the water and bouillon powder to make about 2 cups of broth rather than measure but it turned out great!

  43. Gail says:

    Have a brand new (to me) Duo mini, and decided to try this as my very 1st recipe after that water thing.
    Sautéed celery onion and carrot first with small amount olive oil.
    Turned off sauté function, Added 1.5 c. Short grain rice unrinsed, 2c chicken broth & stirred all together. 2 large Frozen bone-in chicken breasts on top, with Italian herbs & pepper.
    Lid on, valve sealed, 9 minutes on that little pad (hh:mm is the toughest for me/ keep wanting to use like the microwave).
    Takes a bit to come up to pressure, but ran the nine minutes, maybe 7 minutes off to sit and opened to wonderful & perfectly cooked. The only issue was some minimal Bottom scorching – likely was short on broth… impressed- I now know what the hype is about.
    Thank you

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Thanks for sharing such a detailed response with us, Gail! Glad it worked out for you. :)

  44. We made this tonight and it came out perfect! I had a huge chicken breast, was starting to thaw. I cut it into 3 pieces, browned in oil in the bottom of the pot. I have a regular old fashioned pressure cooker. I took the chichen out, sopped up the oil mostly, threw in the carrots and a chopped onion. Then heaping cup of 20 minute rice, 3 cups broth and the chicken. Salt pepper, sage, curry, paprika, garlic. Turned it to high and when the weight jiggled set to 10 minutes and lowered temp. to low. Let cool 10 minutes, released pressure. Could cut the chicken with a spoon. Took it out and chopped it up, added some peas and corn, put the chicken back, stirred it up, was great! I was a little worried but decided to live dangerous, lol! So nice to get just the one pot dirty.

  45. Brian Lee Opheikens says:

    I was wondering if elevation has an effect on this recipe. Could explain the mixed comments. I live in northern Utah and usually have to cook longer for many things. Do you have an information that others have sent? I will experiment with this and post my results when I change things up which might help others. You can reach me at the email listed and you may add whatever I find to your notes so that other may use them. I am new to the insta pot but love to try new things, some did not turn out but lesson learned. I tweak it until it works.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      The feedback we have is here in the comments, Brian. Some people have mentioned elevation as well as adjustments they’ve made so there’s lots of good information. We’d love to hear your tweaks as well!

  46. Kelli says:

    I made this recipe because frozen chicken can be used and I love a one pot meal kinda thing. I did not read any of the comments beforehand. I used frozen chicken breast from Costco and Arborio rice because that’s what I have. I added a little olive oil and butter. I always tend to measure rice short and liquid over because I’m at an altitude of almost 6,000 ft. Altitude really can make a difference in how recipes turn out. I also added an extra minute to the cook time. I had no problems with this recipe. The chicken was perfect. The rice had that creamy consistency just the way a risotto should be and the carrots weren’t too soft or too firm. My girls all devoured it without a single word. That’s a good thing as they are constantly talking. Thank you for reposting this recipe. It is a winner in my book!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Thank you for sharing your adjustments with us, Kelli! I’m sure that will help others.

  47. Kristy says:

    Well here it goes…IT WAS PERFECT AND DID.NOT.BURN.
    That means a lot coming from me because I hate my instant pot and I burn everything. I’m trying to give the dang thing a shot before I resell it but I’m telling you, everything burns. I was so glad this recipe worked well.
    Thank you so much! I added in onions and garlic salt just because I had them on hand. I almost added mushrooms but my husband wasn’t home and I hate to waste something so good on just myself.
    Keep the recipes coming, I’ll be baaaaaack

    • Christine Pittman says:

      That’s great, Kristy! Keep coming back, we’ll have more great recipes for you. :)

  48. Cheryl says:

    Made this with 2.5 cups of stock and cooked it a minute longer with 8 min release in a 6.5 q ninja foodie. Breasts were a little overdone. Will do this again with less time and less broth. 

  49. Caeles says:

    I wanted to cook chicken and rice at the same time and this was great! My husband likes chicken and rice with curry for lunch so this was a quick way to get it ready for him. Like most rice recipes I found there was too much liquid for me and my rice was very wet. Maybe it’s where I live? Used chicken thighs which are quite resilient. 

  50. Taylor says:

    This turned out great! I was looking for a recipe that you use frozen breasts since I’ve never tried them frozen in the instant pot, I’m not sure what size I have I want to say it’s the 6 quart but I’m not sure. Anyway, the rice carrots chicken everything turned out great. Thank you!

  51. brandon says:

    Hi, I never have commented on a recipe in my life, but I just wanted to confirm that this recipe came out absolutely perfect in my instant pot. Followed exact instructions minus the carrots. Thank you!

  52. Melissa S says:

    So I felt compelled to write a review, which I never do. I used this recipe as a template last night for chicken burrito bowls. First I sauted onions and garlic, then added the dry rice in and let it saute for a minute too. I added the chicken broth, probably about 2 1/4 to 1/2 cups (extra for the taco seasoning packet) added a little taco seasoning and stirred it up. I made sure there was no rice sticking to the side of the pot and not under the liquid. I added 2 frozen chicken tenderloins and a very large breast, prob 2lbs. Added the remaining taco seasoning, put it on pressure cook high for 9 minutes let it sit for a little longer than 5 minutes because I was preparing other stuff. I am not exaggerating when I say it was FANTASTIC! The meat and rice were perfectly seasoned and so moist! I don’t think you should say “try at your own risk” or whatever. This was literally the 2nd time I have used an Instant pot and I plan on keeping this recipe for reference. I have an 8 qt Duo Nova and I made sure to measure my liquids with a glass liquid measuring cup. Maybe that’s where they are going wrong?

  53. Deborah Hall says:

    I read all the comments and then googled why do you get the burn notice. Here is the list, not enough liquid, liquid is too thick, new instant pots seem to be causing this issue even on tried and true recipes and cooks. I made it and it turned out great but I did add extra liquid. Plus sometimes things just don’t turn out dang Dennis relax.

  54. Thank you! Glad I took the chance on this recipe. I did read through the comments and made sure I had just a little more than 2 cups broth. One because of the comments and two because just doing rice by itself in the insta pot requires a little more liquid. I will add that I use 2 big chicken breast instead of 4 small and they came out cooked. I am always looking for recipes that have multiple ingredients and will use this one again.

  55. Patrick says:

    I used this recipe and it came out well! I followed it exactly except I used two chicken breasts instead of four as they were Costco frozen chicken breasts and were pretty large and I used normal chicken broth instead of low sodium chicken broth (as that is what I had on hand). It was a little bit salty but overall really good. No burn issues here. One comment is that it isn’t clear in the recipe whether the carrots go in before the chicken or after the chicken. I put the carrots in before the chicken as I thought they could keep the chicken off the bottom of the instant pot and it worked well. Maybe the chicken is more likely to burn if it is not propped up by the carrots.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      I like the carrots as far out of the liquid as possible so that they get less soggy. That’s why I add them last. But they do end up pretty soft and damp anyhow so it probably doesn’t matter. I’m glad it worked out well for you, Patrick!

  56. Laura says:

    Thank you for the recipe. I was wondering if I could cook rice and frozen meatballs together, I came across your instructions and gave it a try. Worked out perfectly!! I don’t know how anyone could burn it, and I am certainly glad that you published it again!

  57. Julieann says:

    Delicious! Chopped the carrots and mixed with the broth (almost 3 cups) and Knorr chicken bouillon, salt &pepper, and few dashes of Italian seasoning. Mixed together on sauté setting on my Ninja Foodie (to dissolve bouillon), added fresh parsley and frozen chicken breasts. Cooked according to directions and after venting,  shredded the chicken and tossed with the rice. Thank you for a fast and easy weeknight recipe my family loves!

  58. Meg says:

    I made this tonight and it turned out awesome.  My husband and I are recovering from the stomach bug that hit us a few days ago, and I wanted something light but flavorful.  This definitely hit the spot and will go into our dinner rotation for sure.  

  59. Mary says:

    I made this last night in my new Instant Pot Duo Crisp and it turned out great! That is saying something since it is only the 2nd thing I have ever made in an instant pot :). Thanks for the easy recipe!

  60. Julie says:

    I was hoping to post a picture of my finished meal, but funny see that I can… It was yummy for me! My kiddos did say they thought it tasted like carrots (but I like carrots, so??) I will make next time without carrots, maybe. Thank you!

  61. Count us up for the BURNED team! :(

    This was husband’s first attempt to use the Instant Pot, and he chose this recipe. It SOUNDS delicious, and I really don’t get why it didn’t work, but nope — burned again! We’ve taken it all out and thrown it into the oven with a tin foil cover. The chicken is slow going but it should be salvagable. I’ll let you know.

    Sorry, @Christine Pittman. I think you’d better take this one down. Too many people wasting food isn’t good for your blog’s success. I can’t afford to have BLSL chicken breasts be uncooked and be thrown out, and I can’t imagine other people can either. I don’t blame you at all, but I really think you’d be best to get rid of this one.

  62. April Palmer says:

    Delicious! Tried this recipe tonight. Winged it a little, modifying the recipe for my little 3 quart Instant Pot. Used a little under a cup of rice and quinoa combined, about 2 cups chicken broth. It came out very aaucey, so next time I will decrease it to a cup and a half of broth. Chicken came out perfect. Carrots came out perfect. Very tasty. My two year old son took one bite and said “Yummy!” High praise indeed!

  63. Katie says:

    Just tried this recipe and it turned out perfect! I followed recipe exactly except using 2 1/2 cups of broth and at the very end I added frozen carrots and cooked for a few more minutes.

  64. Elizabeth says:

    We tried this after my son saw it while I was on Pinterest and said “That looks GOOD, Mom!” I followed Dallas’ comments from 1/10/2 about precooking the chicken some before cooking the rice. It turned out beautifully! Our only complaint was the carrots, but that was because he is not a fan of cooked carrots. So nothing with the recipe! Will DEFINITELY be making again!!! 

  65. Seth Allison says:

    Threw this together in my 6 QT InstantPot, just dividing the measurements by 3/4. I loved the rice and my wife raves about the carrots. Great recipe! I accidentally used more broth than neccesary, but it was still delicious.

  66. Dallas Deeds says:

    First combo instant recipe I have tried. I modified by pressure cooking the frozen chicken for 14 minutes, then followed the rest of the recipe. Rice in first, 2 cups chicken stock, stirred that up, put chicken back in, seasoned, 2 tablespoons butter, added carrots and onion. Pressure cooked for 9 minutes. Rice was amazing, super sticky. Chicken was fork-tender. Carrots were soft. Great recipe! Used the duo pot.

  67. Theresa says:

    I just attempted this recipe…my husband is in the process of trying to salvage it…rice appears to be cooked. Had the “burned” warning. Some rice is stuck to the bottom of the pot. Chicken is still frozen solid! We are adding more liquid. Hope we can salvage so the rice isn’t wasted. I may have to just resort to oven cooking the chicken. So wished it had worked. :-(

  68. BH says:

    Used 1 cup rice, 2 1/2 cup broth, and 1 pound frozen chicken thighs (all stuck together) in a 6 quart instapot.

    Came out great, just needed to add some salt and pepper at the table. 😊 Was a little worried after reading the reviews and the recipe but took a chance.

  69. Kari Winder says:

    Still trying to make this work. Two times have gotten a burn alarm and two times have added more broth or water…. I’m not sure it’s ever going to come to pressure and actually cook. 

  70. Theresa says:

    I used fresh chicken as it’s what I had. I didn’t use the seasonings as my supermarket’s meat counter sells pre-seasoned meat (mine were BBQ flavored). Having read the comments and tips, I upped the chicken broth to three cups. Turned out perfectly. There’s nothing I hate more than dry chicken so this was perfect. Also, the rice was almost creamy like risotto. Thank you. 

  71. Mike says:

    Like another comment I saw, I’m not sure if elevation played a role in this, followed the recipe, even added an extra quarter cup of liquid and the insta pot showed burnt….

  72. Mike says:

    Overall I like the recipe.  I did not have enough chicken stock, so I added a can of cream of chicken soup.  The chicken was frozen solid, and I cooked it for 10 minutes.  The chicken, carrots, and rice were not quite done.  I at 6800 ft altitude so I wonder if that impacted this, or if the added cream of chicken soup did.  It’s going again for a few minutes.  Tastes great!

  73. Followed each step also, why do you say to only add 2 cups of broth. My instant pot flashed “food burning”. Obviously everyone is saying to add more. You need to make changes to the recipe. I added 2 more cups, still cooking. Let’s see how it turns out, hopefully, I don’t have to throw it out. I guess I should read reviews before I make anything next time. Lesson learned. Picture just looked good, lol

    • Christine Pittman says:

      I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you, Anna. We do make clear in the description on the recipe card that readers have had mixed results, but have left it up because many people do love the recipe. Lots of readers have also shared adjustments that they’ve made for their instant pots in the comments and that may be helpful for you.

  74. Season Johnson says:

    I made this for supper tonight. I used brown rice and see the timer for 
    12 minutes instead of 9. I added about 7 cups of liquid. I can’t remember the exact amount but I used 1 full 32-oz carton of broth and a portion of another one that I had in the fridge. My intention was to make a soup but it wasn’t enough liquid. What turned out was a kind of “creamy” chicken
    ans rice. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I’m addition to salt and pepper, I added some red pepper and a couple tablespoons of dried onion. I’m glad you posted this!! Thanks!!

  75. Robert says:

    Just purchased an instant pot, and THIS is the type of recipe I was looking for, and imagined ALL instant pot recipes were… The first time I tried this, amazing success. I used frozen chicken thighs with some butter, everything turned out great! Perfectly cooked rice, chicken and carrots…

    I felt invincible… I tried this again, with frozen chicken breasts, peppers, garlic, sauces oh my… I was getting a burn constantly, nothing I did seem to fix this; adding more water, stirring, removing everything putting it back in after cleaning out. Note: The IP was doing well, it actually was burned every time…

    Currently I’m trying to salvage this, I added about a quarter inch of oil at the bottom, put the (now thawed) chicken breasts at the bottom and so far so good…

    Just finished it up, it was quite gooey (because of the extra water I added) I added some cheese and tried to cook down in saute mode for a little bit. Ended up tasting well… I will try oil and chicken breasts at the bottom if I try this again.

    Overall – GREAT RECIPE, even the issues taught me a little more how this machine works. Thank you.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Thanks so much for all the feedback, Robert! People have pretty mixed results, so hopefully your comments will help someone!

  76. Karen says:

    My family gulfs down rice so 1 and 1/4 rice was too little for us (I didn’t have carrots) we used 2 cups of rice, added salsa for flavor, and diced tomato from a can. We did covered the bottom of the inset with little olive oil. But we had 4 cups of liquid (1:2 rice to water ratio) also we placed frozen chicken at bottom.
    We cooked it for 11 min, fast release after your 5 min. 
    Shred chicken added 1cup of cheddar cheese! Yum!

  77. Ale says:

    Recipe worked multiple times. I used water instead of broth, frozen chicken tenderloins and frozen vegetables as well as did my own spices. The first time I left it on warm for almost an hour after it was done cooking and the rice was very creamy. The second time I flipped the valve almost immediately after it was done and the rice was not creamy, but everything was cooked. Third time I substituted 1 cup of water for a cup of greek vinaigrette dressing for some added flavor. Thank you so much for this recipe. New to insta potting!

  78. Gwenn Rios says:

    Quick and easy meal! Delish. Did stick a little, but we love that, so we just ate it, lol. Used the leftover chicken for chicken salad. How would I make this using potatoes? Great recipe, thanks.

  79. Cyndi says:

    So WONDERFUL! I made this tonight 11-4-19 I used wild basmati rice with chunks of zucchini, carrots & 1 russet potato! Turned out EXCELLENT. Topped it off with a drizzle of white truffle oil & OMG! TOTALLY ORGASMIC! It took it to a whole new level!

  80. Mel Morris says:

    Made this toadying my (new!) 6 quart Instant Pot.  Followed the recipe exactly, but as I was using fresh chicken breasts, both just over 8oz, I did them for 8 minutes.  PERFECT! Thank you.  Will be using this recipe again.

  81. Anna says:

    Funny story, we love to use our IP to make rice and started adding frozen chicken (which ended up a little bland but edible due to my husband’s lack of ability to add seasoning).

    When I tried to make the same EXACT thing, rice (rinsed) plus frozen chicken breasts, following hubby’s instructions, the BURNED light went on and the IP turned itself off. Yuck.

    So it’s NOT YOUR FAULT that this didn’t work out for folks. I had this experience multiple times BEFORE even seeing this recipe! We’ve tried it with and without the trivet and with more water or using broth instead. We haven’t figured out what causes it to burn but please don’t feel bad, it’s an IP thing, NOT a Cook the Story thing. I’m looking forward to following your precise recipe and adding carrots, hoping to have more success.

    Cooking is like science right? You have to experiment to see what works. (I dislike cooking, but love to bake because baking is exact and you get similar results every time)

  82. Liz says:

    We made this tonight.  I think it turned out great, but there were mixed reviews in the family, some people didn’t like the creamy rice, but others loved it.  I used Basmati rice, (that is what I had) and didn’t rinse it.  8 chicken thighs.  Instead of Italian seasoning I used parsley and dried onions.  And I increased the pressure time to 12 min because of the extra chicken.  Everything was cooked through and not burnt. Next time I will use broccoli instead of carrots. 

  83. Sally says:

    Since you asked…I tried this tonight, Sept 6, 2019.  Very good.  I almost always make half recipes which I did.   Also used brown rice which is what I happen to have on hand.  Tasty.  Next try I will add more veggies, maybe onion, garlic, and zucchini.   Zucchini plant overproducing.   And maybe I will sub wine for all or some of the broth.  

  84. Jordan says:

    Thanks for this recipe. I was nervous given the mixed reviews, but I think it was successful for me. I did get a little bit of browned rice but it wasn’t BURNED and I didn’t mind it. I also added broccoli which I knew would get extra soft but it mixed into the rice and was a nice way to get greens in my toddler. I’ll be making this again. 

  85. Robert Zakrzewski says:

    Followed recipe and got the ‘Burned’ rice.

  86. Allison says:

    Recipe worked out great! Had large breast so I used 2.5 cups of liquid ! Put it on 15 min high cook! 

  87. Toni says:

    I am so glad I stumbled upon this recipe! My current bag of chicken breasts are very large (we refer to them as brontosaurus breasts). This being the case, I increased the liquid, including a can of coconut milk. I did not rinse my rice. I increased my time to 15 minutes, again because of my large chicken. This came out PERFECT! I am new to instant pot cooking, and I can say this recipe is reliable!

  88. Natalie says:

    if you saute stuff in the pan first you need to turn it off about a minute before it’s done and some people suggest taking the insert out for a minute or two for it to cool down before you turn it on pressure cook or else you have a lot of residual Heat at the bottom still

  89. Katherine says:

    Turned out perfectly. Brown rice, 2 – 10 oz chicken breasts (individually frozen from Costco), 15 minutes of cook time + 6 minutes after. THANK YOU!

  90. Linda Ward says:

    I wanted to do this with my frozen chicken thighs and white rice. Although I have had my IP a while I stopped using rice in it because of burning and almost burning on the bottom. But I am so glad I gave a it a try! I used 4 frozen chicken thighs and chicken broth. This time I measured 2 cups using the small rice cup and added the liquid to the 2 line in the pot. I stirred and seasoned and laid the trivet with the seasoned frozen chicken on top. 9 minutes and 5 NR. PERFECT. I suspect from my past failure s adding more liquid also causes it to burn because it clumps. Thank you for this recipe. It is rich like my mother’s but easy like I like to cook..

  91. Lk says:

    Made it tonight with a box of yellow rice and frozen cutlets. Came out delicious! Chicken was perfect and no burn.

  92. Leanne W says:

    I was skeptical. Especially of the cooking time – 9 minutes?! For frozen meat?! But I was recovering from a stomach bug (a very bad bout!) and this sounded good and oh so easy. It came out perfectly and sped up my recovery. Excellent easy delicious. 

  93. Linda says:

    I just made this, but only had a very small package of rice (one cup), but still used just a tad less than the 2 cups of broth, along with the carrots and 6 chicken fillets, not full breasts (frozen, boneless, skinless from Costco), and it turned out perfect! Thank you for this sooo easy recipe!

  94. Catherine says:

    Turned out absolutely perfect! I didn’t a add carrots, but I added quinoa and had a lot of broth! I even checked the temperature of the chicken and it was perfect as well! Thank you so much! Even my picky eaters loved it!

  95. Mike D says:

    Tried this recipe as an experiment and it worked just as described. The rice was on the ‘creamy’ side and the chicken was cooked through from frozen. I had some thicker chicken breasts on one side so I added a minute to make it ten on the cook and it all worked out.

    The chicken broth for the liquid made a much more flavorful rice. Thanks!

  96. Tim says:

    Unfortunately, 9 minutes is not enough to cook frozen chicken. Mine was still very pink in the middle and I had to re-pressurize my pot and cook longer which didn’t turn out so great. I would recommend at least 15 if not 20 minutes for frozen chicken. 9 might work for thawed chicken.

  97. Jada says:

    I made this chicken rice and carrot recipe in my instapot, I used your exact recipe for the same times and everything and it turned out super delicious. My husband even said “you gotta remember this one” … thanks for posting! Definitely making this again! 

  98. Marisa says:

    My first experience with the Instant Pot.  I was surprised how soft and light the rice was.  I did not expect that although you did mention this in your recipe.  I have never had risotto so I had nothing to compare with.  The only rice I have is a Brown Jasmine Rice and I have learned that I absolutely need to rinse it to get the best enjoyable flavor from it so I was glad to know it would not alter the cooking process.   I used a bag (24 oz) tiny carrots, thats what I had on hand.  I was nervous with the size of the frozen chicken breast so I picked the 4 smallest ones (which were each at or a bit over the 8 oz weight) I too had the burning alarm go off and I panicked.  I rushed to read what to do with that experience…stoping, stirring, proceeding, cooking time 9 min. I probably should have stirred the rice and chicken broth prior to cooking.  I do not use bullion cubes but the “Better than Bullion” paste that comes in a jar.  I was cautious and didn’t add enough, nor did I put in enough of the Italian seasoning.  For my first experience I was very happy with the results.  Thanks for the recipe. 
    I just made this for the second time, placed my chicken on the Instant Pot rack in case the weight of the chicken pressed the rice down, thus causing the burn alarm again. Measured carefully (I don’t always do unless its baking). I used 4 tsp Better than Bullion for the 2 cups of water, and 3 tsp Italian herb blend.    Took the chicken breasts directly from the freezer to the Instant Pot. Cooking time 9 min. Food was delicious (seasoned to our taste) and everything was cooked perfectly.    Love your recipe 

  99. Micah says:

    I just tried this recipe, 2 cups of short grain rice (all i had),
    2.5 clubs of broth and 4 frozen Costco chicken beast in my 6 quart. I decided not to use oil at the bottom of my pot as I’ve experienced burning the last rice casserole i tried with oil. Did pressure high, for 11 min. I got the burning sign instantly when the heat and pressure reached. This is my second time tonight (just scraped off all the burnt rice) I tried once more with more liquid and i still instantly got burn signal. 

  100. Laura says:

    I was skeptical but it was really good. Turned out like a chicken noodle soup bowl.
    I used 2 cups batsmati rice. 2.5 cups water. Followed the recipe. Used mrs dash’s seasoning. Threw it in the pot. Cooked it 11 min in my 6 qt pot with 7 small pieces of chicken tenderloins. My picky eaters loved it.

  101. Dave Crowley says:

    This was our first “full meal” in our IP and we love it. We cook it exactly like the recipe states in an 8qt IP and it’s perfect every time. It’s been my go to on “oh crap, what’s for dinner?” nights since we always have frozen chicken, carrots, rice and broth in hand.

    Thank you for making us IP fans!!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Dave, I’m delighted that you guys like it so much. Thanks for letting us know!

  102. Jill Frazier says:

    I made this tonight. I did add 2 1/2 cups chicken broth, it was absolutely delicious!!!! Came out perfect. This is definitely going in my dinner rotation. Thank you.

  103. Cindy says:

    I made the recipe – fantastic – though a little soupy since I added extra broth as suggested. I used to get a burn notice every time I made chicken in my ip but now I ALWAYS use the trivet that came with it and I never have a problem with chicken. I used fresh chicken and wild rice – I will make this again!!!

  104. L Green says:

    I fixed this last night with the following changes … and it turned out great! I left out the salt (diet restriction) and increased broth to 2.5 cups. Will make again – and try different veggie add-ons. This was my first meal done in the IP – thanks!

  105. Kevin L says:

    So easy, We loved it! I have an 8qt pot, 2nd time using it. After reading other suggestions, sprayed pot with canola. Scoree putting Ingredients. 2 1/2 cups of broth. I used fresh chicken, so cooked for 7 minutes as you said. I had a basmati rice with a shorter cooking time, so was nervous, it was risotto like, which was totally fine – kids asked me to make it again 

  106. Sarah B says:

    I just tried this recipe and overall I am glad I did. I added a chopped shallot to the rice, used Penzey’s murals of flavor for the chicken, and grated a cup of nice Parmesan to mix in to the rice at the end (since the comparison made was to risotto). Then I made a rookie mistake and forgot to put the sealing ring in the lid before I turned everything on. So it never sealed and I burned some of the rice. But I just took the chicken out and finished cooking it in a pan, as the outside was done and the inside just needed just a few more minutes on each side (gave it a nice sear). I dumped the rice and carrots in the microwave with some more stock and cooked it for another 7 mins or so and then mixed in the Parmesan cheese. Even thought it didn’t turn out the first time around, it was user error, and I see great potential for this recipe. Thanks for posting it!

    And for those who are ending up with not quite done chicken, a few minutes with a hot pan will take it the rest of the way nicely. One of the recipes I tried for pork roast had a step of crisping up the meat in a pan or oven after taking it out of the pot, so I am viewing this as a similar deal. I may do this every time from now on, to get the nice sear on the chicken breast that I can’t do at the beginning because I am starting with frozen. Several recipes also call for searing the meat before starting, so I view this as just moving that step to the end! :)

  107. CJ Schmidt says:

    I altered the recipe slightly by searing the frozen chicken first (because I started doing that before I found the recipe) and used different veggies (my kid hates carrots, for some reason) and some lentils. It was a great success! I think this is a great foundational recipe for beginner instant pot users and those that want to change it a little. Next time I’ll try straight from frozen and see how that turns out. Thanks for the recipe!

  108. Lynn says:

    I made this with the extra 1/2 cup of broth and a can of cream of chicken soup. I also used celery instead of carrots. It was wonderful, but next time I will only use 2 cups of broth, and the soup. Also, I have found that if I cook rice or anything that may stick in my instant pot, if I spray it with spray oil it comes out much better.

  109. Gail says:

    I’m a new Instapot owner and used this recipe for my second try at the pot. (My first was a success with frozen pork chops, potatoes, and veggies.) This was a great success! Followed the recipe and used tarragon with marjoram as my herbs. Had leftovers for lunch at school and was asked about as it reheated  in the microwave. Giving the recipe to other teachers! Definitely a keeper!

  110. Sherry says:

    Just a comment to those having problems with the burn signal. Putting oil on the bottom of the pot will actually make you more likely to get a burn signal, not less. It is a pressure cooker- not a frying pan. It wants thin liquid (water or stock) touching the bottom of the pan, nothing else. Don’t ever stir your ingredients, leave the water at the bottom (you will thank me for this if you ever make chili:) If you fried your chicken in the pot you have to thoroughly deglaze the pot before adding your ingredients. One tiny speck of food will set off the burn signal.
    An instant pot requires a minimum of 2 cups of water or stock. Adding a little extra won’t hurt, especially when making rice which is going to absorb the entire two cups.
    If you want to add twice as much chicken, the time doesn’t change. 1 chicken breast or 10 takes the same amount of time.
    When I make chicken and rice, I use brown rice which takes longer to cook so I have always used frozen chicken so it won’t be too dry. Brown rice takes about 20 minutes.

  111. Nikki says:

    I made this a couple weeks ago and it was a huge hit! I just made it tonight—the exact same way—and the chicken was raw in the middle. :( Is there any way to salvage the meal? The rest of it cooked perfectly, and it looked delicious until I cut into the chicken!

  112. AMK says:

    I’ve been following this BURN conversation because this is not first time I’ve had problems with a rice & meat ‘casserole.’ I followed all of the suggestions researched on other sites – make sure that all of the bits from the browning are loosened (deglazed), put the solid stuff on top of the liquid & make sure there is enough liquid. It tasted good but I had to finish the chicken in the microwave after the second BURN and the rice ended up soggy. The other bloggers have suggested reaching out to the manufacturer as some pots seem to be more sensitive. In my case this time, though, the rice had burned to the bottom. <3 my scrubbing husband who said it was delicious anyhow!

  113. Karina says:

    I’m doubling the chicken tonite so I will let u all know how it turns out I have 3 teens and a husband to feed so I need 8 breasts

  114. Eryn Mooney says:

    Made this tonight as my first full instant pot dinner- total success! I started with some butter and sauteed some onion and celery, then added the rest of the ingredients as suggested (though I did increase broth to 2.5 cups). My frozen Costco chicken breast was pretty thick, so I did also increase time to 11 minutes as some others suggested. After the five minutes of sitting and then venting, it was SO yummy!! The chicken was moist and flavorful, and the rice had this amazing risotto fullness/flavor/moist stickiness to it… amazing. I also chopped up some baby carrots that worked great. Thanks for the successful recipe!

  115. Cheryll P says:

    Made this tonight, with the 2.5 cups broth, because I was only making 2 large chicken breasts, and didn’t think they’d have enough water inside to cook the rice. 6qt, steel bowl, 9 mins on high, 5 min rest before release.

    I did sauté a little bit of onion in oil first, with the sauté function, and maybe that helped our recipe not stick to the bottom? 

    We thought the chicken was ok, though ghostly pale (a risk we run with this method), but the rice and carrots were super soft, like risotto! We each added more salt at the table after tasting, and I didn’t keep my leftover rice, I’ll use the remaining chicken, though. Will try again with just the chicken and rice and less liquid. Thank you so much for such a detailed and thoughtful recipe! The instant pot is a weeknight dinner winner. 

  116. Beth Manz says:

    This turned out perfectly for me! Next time I may try to add more of everything since we’re big eaters. 

  117. Kim Stento says:

    I followed the recipe with two cups of chicken stock, cooked it for nine minutes, and I got the burn signal after five minutes. I opened it, scraped the bottom, and put it back on for two minutes and got the burn signal again. The rice and carrots cooked okay, but the frozen chicken breasts were not all the way cooked through. I ended up pulling them out and finishing them in a pan with olive oil. Next time I will try this with the oil in the bottom and more broth. My picky kid said that the rice and carrots tasted good!

  118. Hope says:

    We tried this for lunch. Followed directions and it turned out perfectly. It satisfied 2 hungry teenagers😊

  119. Cathy says:

    Recipe was delicious! I only had a cup of rice so I used it with 1 cup turkey bone broth and one cup water. Only had 2 1/2 frozen chicken tenderloins so that is what I used. I had 1/2 bag of baby carrots so dumped them on top. Everything was cooked perfectly. It was quick and easy. 

  120. Pam says:

    Did not need, meal for 4 cut recipe in 1/2 but added 1 1/4 cup vs 1cup chicken stock, used Jasmine rice as that was what I had in cupboard.  Came out wonderful, glad you decided to reshare, this will be a go to meal when in a hurry or forgot to take something out.

  121. Kristy Abraham says:

    I don’t normally comment on online recipes, but this turned out great! I was hesitant to try it with all the controversy discussed at the beginning, but it turned out great! To prevent the sticking I was reading about, I sauteed one small chopped onion in 1 tbsp margarine in the instant pot before adding the ingredients. I used parboiled rice and added 2 minutes to cooking to account for the super thick chicken breasts I had. It was a hit with the family and has been added to our recipe book! I did add additional seasoning to the rice once cooked.

  122. Dawn A says:

    This is only the third time I’ve used my instant pot and I’m so glad I used this recipe. Turned out perfect. Out of concern for the burning issue that some have reported, I just put a couple tablespoons of butter in the pot first. I also added 3 minutes to the cooking time because the chicken breasts I used were quite thick and rock hard frozen straight from the freezer. For flavor, I added one drop of ginger essential oil to the broth. I used a citrus basil rub on the chicken, plus a little extra powdered ginger. I used frozen peas instead of carrots. The rice was so creamy and delicious, just like risotto. Chicken was perfectly cooked, and I loved the ginger flavor throughout. This super easy meal will be part of my regular routine. Thank you!

  123. Andy Bailey says:

    I followed the instructions exactly and was really looking forward to seeing how it turned out and, it turned out brilliant which is going to be really easy for me to make this anytime I want and so quick

  124. Christine,

    thanks very much for this recipe. I just got my Instant Pot IP-LUX80 two days ago and I’m a complete newbie. I kept looking for a Pressure Cook button, which this model doesn’t have. After reading the manual (duh), I realized that it has several pre-set pressure cook programs with different buttons. I chose the one for meat/stew and added all ingredients per your directions, using two cups broth. I believe the initial time setting was for 30 minutes, which I reduced to 9 in order to follow your directions. Wasn’t really sure at all, but it turned out great! As you said, the rice was like a risotto, the chicken was moist and tender, and the carrots were awesome. Will definitely be making this one again!

  125. Sandy P says:

    Can this recipe be doubled in an 8-quart Instant Pot? 4 chicken breasts will not be enough to feed my family.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Sandy, I haven’t tried doubling it, and given the mixed results people have I hesitate to give advice here. But if you try it, do come back and let us know what you did and how it turned out.

  126. Theresa says:

    I’m making this right now and have a lot of doubt that both the rice and frozen chicken will be cooked correctly in 9 mins.  I have my IP on manual, high pressure.  

  127. Renita Morton says:

    This was amazing! I doubled the rice and liquid (next time, only 2 c broth), added 2 Packs of Saźon Goya con azafrán, and instead of carrots, added a pack of steamed peas and carrot (after all was done, stirred into the rice). My husband is a big fan of chicken and yellow rice, and for it to be done in just 30 minutes, is a wonderful thing!

  128. Donna says:

    If I’m using jasmine rice which typically simme4s for 18 minutes do you think that would work.?

  129. Becca says:

    My family LOVED this. This was the 3rd thing Ive ever cooked in the instant pot but it seemed easy enough to try. I cooked it for 13 minutes high pressure. I released the pressure , it smelled amazing then my husband ran in the door said we had to get to a basketball game & we left. I panicked a small moment hoping my house wouldnt burn down since i forgot about the food in the mad dash out the door. We got home 3 hours later & not only was the house still standing but I was able to feed my family a hearty delicious very late dinner. Thanks for the recipe.

  130. Bonnie says:

    Just got my IP and made this recipe for my second time using the pot. It was delicious! And so quick. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!

  131. Susan says:

    I am a first time user of the instant pot. I was nervous but found this easy recipe and dove in. I followed the recipe adding Shaylee’s suggestion of non stick cooking spray with a little olive oil and I used 2 1/3 cup of broth. Oh my, it was super delicious!! Thank you for sharing this again so that I could find it. Super good! Can’t wait to dive into more recipes you suggested. Thanks for putting yourself out there. I am thrilled!!!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Susan, Thank you for the kind comment. I’m really glad that you like the recipe and I hope you enjoy using your instant pot as you move ahead. Good luck!

  132. Rebecca says:

    Are you using low or high pressure setting? I must have missed that somewhere, maybe?

  133. Shaylee says:

    I was looking for a full meal I could make in my IP and found this… but I was a bit hesitant to try it with the comments that were added. I took the tips and gave it a whirl though! I sprayed non-stick and used a bit of olive oil in the bottom and also used 2.5 cups of broth. Instead of carrots I added a bag of frozen broccoli and cauliflower. And I also added more seasonings and squeezed some lemon when it was finished. It came out great! It wasn’t burnt and did not stick. I mixed the broccoli and cauliflower into the rice and added another level to the “risotto”. Thank you for the easy recipe, I’ll be making this again!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Shaylee, I’m really glad you liked it. Thanks for letting us all know what you did. It sounds delicious! I’m going to try that soon!

  134. Peter says:

    Burned for me too with 2.5 cups of stock

    • Christine Pittman says:

      I’m sorry, Peter. I really don’t know why this happens for some people. It’s a true mystery. Again, my apologies.


    Hi I have just made chicken and carats with rice used fresh chicken 8 minutes it was cooked just Wright rice was fluffy great meal thank you 😀😀

  136. Sweetish Chef says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever used our 6 Qt Instant Pot and made this recipe. I poured 1.25 cups of uncooked instant brown rice into the pot followed by 2.5 cups of chicken broth and salt and pepper to taste. I placed 4 frozen chicken thighs on top (with skin and bone) followed by the Italian seasoning and carrots. I pressed the STEAM button and set for 15 minutes. I released the pressure after 5 minutes rest and it turned out perfect! The few things I plan to do differently next time will be to remove all the skin and apply the seasoning directly to the chicken before cooking.

  137. Melissa says:

    Just made this with a box of Uncle Ben’s original recipe with the seasoning packet and a little extra salt and pepper, and it was excellent! Rice in box is a little shy of 1 cup. I used three thick 7oz frozen chicken breasts, the 2 cups broth, 15 baby carrots, and did put a little olive oil in pan first. Followed time instructions. It was a little soupy at first because of the reduced amount of rice but it thickened up and was perfect after cutting the chicken and letting it sit a few minutes. this will go on our regular recipes!

  138. Rashelle says:

    I followed the recipe to a T and kept getting the “BURN” on the instapot. I ended up adding double the water and still “BURN”….dinner was a flop and won’t use this one ever again!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Sorry Rashelle. Some people get the Burn notice with this recipe and I still haven’t figured out why. It’s very frustrating and again I apologize.

  139. Jamie says:

    I followed the recipe exactly but the bottom of my rice kept burning. I’m not sure why. I even have the same instant pot. It smelled delicious. Maybe I’ll try it again adding more broth to the rice.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Jamie, I’m really sorry. I don’t know why this happens for some people. I’m trying to figure it out though. Thanks for letting me know.

  140. Kelly J says:

    Delicious!! I did add 1/2 cup more of broth just to be on the safe side. I used frozen chicken tenderloins (8 of them)  and this recipe was absolutely perfect! 

  141. Kristina Michael says:

    Just got done eating this marvelous creation! Thanks so much for this recipe. It turned out amazing and bonus the kids loved it. I followed your recipe except I didnt have carrots. I will be making this again very soon!!!!!

  142. Alison says:

    Awesome!! This is the quickest meal from frozen I have made since having to go gluten free. I tried this recipe as my second Instant Pot run. I have a 6 quart pot and used three chicken breasts that nested in the pot with no overlap. I weighed the chicken breasts and found them to be 10-11oz so I increased the time to 10 minutes and the chicken broth to 2.5 cups to be safe. I waited 5 minutes before venting and cut one chicken breast. It was a tad shy of being cooked all the way through and the Basmati rice was just ever so slightly too hard. So, I closed up the pot and ran it for another 4 minutes. This time I carefully vented without delay to not overcook everything. Success! The rice was perfection and the chicken was done all the way through. I might have been able to get away with 2.25 cups broth but I’m loving the extra bit of brothy-ness. Next time I will go with 14 minutes and a 5 minute wait before venting for chicken breast this size. This is the best comfort food I have been able to eat in ages! Thanks so much!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Wow! That’s an amazing comment. I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks, Alison. And thanks for letting us all know what you did to rescue your recipe. It sounds wonderful!

  143. Krystal says:

    I wanted to ask, if you were to do this pot in pot to prevent the rice burning, how would you do it?

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Krystal, I’m really not sure. I haven’t tried cooking rice using that method in the Instant Pot. Maybe another commenter here will have an idea though.

  144. Becky Y says:

    This is the first recipe in my new IP. I was a little scared because I really wanted to love it. It turned out great! I actually had a little too much liquid but that’s better than not enough. Thank you for posting your recipe. I can now move forward with a little bit of confidence!

  145. Maureen says:

    This dish was so good. I made it just like the recipe The rice had a great flavor, the carrots were  so soft and good. The chicken was perfectly cooked and delicious. I love this recipe and will make it again for my family of 6. I have only had my instant pot for two weeks. I love it.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Maureen, That’s such a rave review! Thank you. I’m delighted that you liked it, and that you’re loving your Instant Pot. I love mine too!!!

  146. Kelly H. says:

    So good!  I read some of the most current reviews and took suggestions from a few. I did spray my pot with Pam and drizzled olive oil in the bottom. I increased my broth to 2 1/2 cups. I used 2 large chicken breasts and cooked for 10 mins. I have a 6 quart IP.  No burn and the chicken was super juicy and rice was perfect. My 6 year old had 3rds. 

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Kelly, That’s so wonderful to hear. I’m happy that you and your child liked it so much. Thanks for the extra info and for letting me know!

  147. KL's Kitchen says:

    Made this tonight and it was delicious! All I had was chicken thighs, and they were frozen in a zipper bag clumped together … no problems at all with them cooking all the way through. Also no burning or sticking of rice to the inner pot, but I did increase the broth to 2 and 1/2 cups. Bookmarking this one to print for my IP cookbook. Glad you decided to repost the recipe!!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Thanks for the tip about increasing the broth and for letting me know how it turned out for you. I appreciate the feedback!

  148. Meghan Howard says:

    Turned out great, did have to pull out the rice and cook the chicken an extra 5 minutes, it was raw still the first time. They were big breasts, but semi thawed, so I thought the original time would be okay.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Meghan, Glad you liked it. Interesting about the semi-thawed breasts. Thanks for sharing what you did.

  149. Tina says:

    Rinsed my rice, followed instructions only difference was that I used a bit of olive oil to grease the pot and only had 2 breasts and cut them in half. Got burn notice after just 5 minutes. First time it’s happened to me. I removed the lid, scraped the bottom of the pot (I can already tell its going to be hard to clean) and added more water. Closed it back up and again got burn signal. Not happy at all to waste food with a bad recipe.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Tina, I have no idea what went wrong here. I do find it strange that this recipe has such mixed results. Some people absolutely love it while for others it doesn’t work. It’s a mystery. I’m very sorry that it didn’t turn out for you.

  150. Jeri Garcia says:

    I’m going to try this tonight, I really hope it comes out 🤞

  151. Kat says:

    New to the IP. Needed dinner in a hurry. My frozen chicken breasts were a bit thick, so I increased the time. I am not a huge fan of carrots, but knew we needed the flavor, so I just used the small shredded ones that I had in the fridge left over from another dish. It worked fine for us. I did spray the bottom with a tad of cooking spray and added a smidge more broth. Very little stuck and made for quick clean up. We approve! Thanks!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Kat, Thanks for filling us in on what you did. It helps so much to hear from people about what works and doesn’t work. Glad you liked it!

  152. Annie in KY says:

    This is the first meal I prepared in my 8-qt Instant Pot Viva, & it was perfection!!! From frozen chicken breasts to ready to plate in 24 minutes!!! Thank you for keeping the recipe & instructions available! My husband was dragging his feet getting to the table, so I sliced off a nice chunk of chicken, took it to him, & told him to close his eyes as I fed him the chunk. His response: “What is that? Chicken? It tastes like a roast!” And it is – roast chicken! Everything was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. And he loved the rice, except he hates rice. Not anymore! Yum. Thanks again!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Oh wow! Annie, that’s so wonderful! I’m really happy that you guys liked it so much. Thanks for letting me know, and I hope your future Instant Pot adventures go well too.

  153. Tracy Johnson says:

    My husband and I made this tonight and it turned out perfect.  We used frozen chicken tenders and everything cooked perfect.  We might try again with some personal flavor favorites such as lemon or mushroom.  It’s a keeper!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Fantastic! Thanks Tracy. Hmmm I bet mushrooms would be fantastic in there. I’m going to try it too!

  154. Jennifer G says:

    I made the Instant Pot Chicken according to the directions along with a few tweaks and it came out very good. We like our food with a lot of spice and flavor so I added garlic powder and onion powder to the broth along with the pepper and Italian seasoning. I will add some bouillon next time for a deeper flavor. My chicken was partially frozen and it cooked beautifully in the 9 min time frame. I didn’t have enough carrots so I added onion, mushrooms and zucchini in large chunks. I had a feeling the zucchini would be over done and it was but the rest was cooked beautifully. The rice was well done like risotto. This is a great recipe for a night you want a full meal but need it quick. Short prep time and it was all in the pot.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Jennifer, thanks for filling us in on what you did. It sounds delicious and I’m glad you liked it.

  155. Sparky says:

    I tried this tonight with a few modifications. I rubbed a little olive oil on the bottom of the pot. I used unadulterated brown basmati rice, so I soaked it in water for 15 minutes first and then strained it. I didn’t think the 14 oz can of broth would be flavorful enough, so I dissolved a bouillon cube in 1/4 cup of hot water and added it. Pressure cooked 10 minutes, let sit for 10 minutes. Result: brown rice was cooked through, but there was a surprising amount of liquid (~3 cups) still in the pot, so I took out the chicken and dumped the rice & carrots into the strainer (frugally reserving the liquid for a future use). I let the chicken rest while I nuked a frozen package of artichoke hearts to add something green to the meal. (Broccoli or spinach would have worked, too.) Everything tasted great; my son even went back for seconds on the rice & carrots. I will try this again and tweak until the liquid proportion works.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Sparky, I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for filling us in on what you did. That’s really helpful! I haven’t tried it with brown rice yet but I will now!

  156. Ross says:

    I tried this even though there were many negative responses. This was great ! Everyone in the house loved it! The only thing I’ll add next time is spray the pot with Pam so it’s easier to clean

  157. Jessica says:

    Tried this recipe even though some reviews said it didnt work for them . I used 3 frozen fairly large chicken breast, and I set it for 10 minutes and it turned out AMAZING !! First time I ever cooked with an instant pot. I used instant rice though and it’s incredible mushy like porridge. Next time I’ll use a different type of rice. I have printed this recipe to use for another time ! Thanks ! I’ll post it on Instagram too !

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Jessica, So happy you liked it. And good to know about the instant rice. It sounds like that isn’t a good substitute for regular rice in this recipe. Thanks for the info!

  158. Laura Marks says:

    I made this last night with 4 frozen chicken breasts, rice a Roni, and 8oz of baby carrots. The chicken came out great. The carrots were a little overdone but still ok. However I can state with confidence that Rice a Roni is not instant pot friendly! I got chicken flavor mush. Maybe if I had added less than 2 cups of water it could have worked? I’ll stick with regular rice and try this again because it was QUICK and yummy!

  159. Christine says:

    I bought myself a small and my daughter-in-law a large Instant Pot on Black Friday for a Christmas present. Things like this always seem like a great deal, but can in all reality be a nightmare. She became sick and hadn’t opened the cookbook I also got her, and I had only used mine before traveling to be with them once. So I googled and tried this recipe to save her some work and how her a little about it. While I’m always grateful for some of the reviews on recipes, all I did with this one was be sure to cook 10 minutes and I used frozen chicken tenders. The carrots were a little tasteless, but the chicken turned out great, was flavorful, and everyone loved the rice as well. Thank you!

  160. Crystal says:

    After reading the comments with the recipe, and then the comments from others, I decided to make this dish. But it needs some adjustments. The idea behind the Instant Pot is you’re cooking with liquid/steam. And then when you’re cooking with rice, you use 1 part rice to 2 parts liquid/broth. This recipe calls for 1 1/4 cup rice and 2 cups broth. That’s not enough liquid. Plus you need to adjust for the other ingredients you’re adding to the pot. So what I did is I used the 1 1/4 cup rice, but then added 2 1/2 to 3 cups of liquid. I also put the rice and liquid in the pot first and then prepared everything else. That gave the rice a bit of time to soak. Everything came out nearly perfect. I probably had a smidgen too much water, so the rice was sticky. But nothing burned because I had enough liquid. And for us, we don’t mind sticky rice. The dish is full of flavor and super easy to fix.

  161. Annette Flores says:

    I made this tonight for dinner and it turned out awesome. Okay, one small issue, I used frozen chicken breasts and one of them was bigger than the others, this one big breast did not fully cook and was still cold inside. No worries, I got out a baking dish, scooped the rice, chicken and carrots into it and tossed into a 375-degree oven for an additional 15 to 20 minutes.

    The rice was flavorful as was the chicken and the carrots were the perfect complement.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will for sure keep this in my lineup for quick, easy and delicious weekday meals.

  162. JIllian says:

    Made this dish today and it came out fine, but there were some changes that I made.  I had the 6 qt IP duo (not sure if size made a difference).  I rinsed the rice & used 5 already frozen chicken thighs from Trader Joe’s as it was in my freezer.  Increased the chicken broth to 2 1/2 cups to compensate for the extra piece of chicken, increased the cooking time to 10 minutes and let it rest for 8 minutes before venting.  Everything was cooked and tasted fine. 

  163. Jen says:

    Do not recommend! Burned the entire bottom of the rice and the pot. Took 10 minutes to scrape it all off. Yikes.

  164. Sandra says:

    I loved this recipe! I have a 6qt 7 in 1 IP and have only cooked single items till today. I made this although I used parboiled rice instead (i rinsed it thoroughly)and it was delicious! I also had some under cooked chicken but it was undercooked just to say so next time I will add an 2 extra minutes next time but I will definitely cook it again but i might marinate my chicken for a bit first too for extra flavor. Overall a great recipe, thank you!

  165. Kelley says:

    First Instant Pot attempt and I too got a burn notice. Removed all of the ingredients and replaced reusing them again. No luck. Now, third attempt I am trying to save the chicken. I removed all ingredients. Put the chicken back in the pot with water and some lemon juice and reduced the cooking time to 6 minutes. While I was waiting I read ALL of the comments. (And Googled, how to properly cook rice in an Instant Pot.) . Very clear now, that I should’ve rinsed the rice completely. Although, I myself was convinced with all the liquid I was adding it would be fine. (Clearly overconfident on my first go.) . Nonetheless, the chicken is done and delicious. I cooked some pasta on the stove while I was waiting on round three and added some sauce to complete our meal. I can’t wait to try this recipe again, completely following all instructions. Glad I was able to salvage the chicken. Best of luck to you all and thank you to everyone for their helpful hints. Hopefully we can all learn from our mistakes and others. Happy cooking.

  166. Renee Rogers says:

    I have only tried two other recipes in my new Instant Pot. I have a 6 quart. I had fairly large frozen pieces of chicken. I added brocolli to mine. Some of the chicken was not completely cooked. The rice was absolutely perfect. I poured out the rice mixture and put a cup of water in the bottom and the rack and recooked the chicken on steam for 2 minutes. It’s great! 

  167. Amanda says:

    This was the first meal I made in my brand new IP and it was completely ruined. My frozen chicken didn’t cook through even though I did everything right. We are on a tight grocery budget and I cried because I wasted all the ingredients. Pass on this one.

  168. Mary says:

    Made it to recipe but added 1minute to make sure thickest chicken was cooked. Also sprayed pot first so no sticking. Food was good, rice and carrots a little soft for me but other wise tasted good. Will make the same and cut time down by a minute to see if rice and veggies come out better. I would make it again.

  169. Candy says:

    After you select pressure cook, do you select low pressure or high pressure?

  170. Maria says:

    I love this recipe! Had a craving for a quick, easy chicken and rice dinner. Put 2 large frozen chicken breasts in the broth. Sprinkled the rice (unrinsed) over top. Manual high for 10 min with the 5 min natural release. Removed and shredded the chicken. Meanwhile I stirred frozen veggies into the hot rice. (I just like cooking my veggies that way). Mixed the chicken back in and SUCH GOODNESS. Chicken moist. Rice creamy. Veggies cooked perfectly. I can see myself making this weekly. Thank you for sharing this.

  171. Caroly says:

    Mom of the year here. I threw in two pouches of taco rice mix, four frozen chicken breasts and four cups of chicken stock. I added three more minutes of time bc of the extra rice. It turned out great! I shredded the chicken, added the mix to some tortillas and topped with cheese and sour cream. Thank you for the recipe!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Caroly, that sounds AMAZING. I’m going to try that soon. THere are so many ideas coming from this simple recipe. I love it and can’t wait to hear what else people are trying!

  172. Ann says:

    I tried this tonight with fresh chicken . My husband really liked it. Next time I’ll cut the chicken breast up a little first. He has false teeth and prefers smaller bites of food. The rice turned out well. I will probably add a can of cream of chicken soup when I reheat it to add some moisture.

  173. S. Evans says:

    This was my first attempt at using my instant pot.  It was so easy and turned out great.  I only used 3 small chicken breasts as that is all that would fit without overlapping in my instant pot.  After reading reviews I decided to try for 10 minutes just to make sure the frozen chicken got fully cooked.  It turned out great.  Super easy, super fast.  I will for sure make it again.  Thanks!

  174. Coral Page says:

    Just made this for my family and it’s really lovely. Used veg stock instead of chicken stock as that’s all I had. Chicken needed 1 minute more so had to put it in oven for few minutes. Overall, very pleased. Will just do it little bit longer next time.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Coral, Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad you liked it! The extra few minutes in the oven if it’s underdone is a great idea.

  175. Brenda Glospie says:

    This was my first recipe using the IP I purchased on Black Friday.  We LOVED it!  Thank you for providing this to match the ingredients I wanted to use.
    I will definitely use this recipe again 😃

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Brenda, Welcome to the IP world! I really love using mine and hope that you do too. Thanks for your comment!

  176. Ashley H says:

    Tried this as my first instant pot recipe, came out amazing. Rice was creamy, chicken was spot on. Only change was to add 1 minute because I had thicker frozen chicken breasts.

  177. Marie says:

    Just got my first pressure cooker GoWise 8qt this afternoon and prepared this as directed, per my machine manual settings and came out great. I regret not getting the 14qt as I work all the time and cook double everything. Myself and 4 teenagers have no waste after a meal. I cooked 4 frozen chicken breast, pre-sliced long way in half (8 pieces). I used brown rice, no rinse. I did a little study and cooked 10 minutes for the added chicken. PERFECT!!! I did use whoe baby carrots, cold from the fride and they were not soggy at all. Not sure if the chill made them cook well. I was scared to use my pot at first. Can’t wait to cook more.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Marie, Thanks for the comment and for filling us in on what worked for you. I wonder if the chilled carrots helped also! Great idea! I’m going to give it a try!

  178. samuel says:

    I follows 7 minutes with 5 minutes after for raw chicken but meat was not not done at only 140° for large chicken breast this is very wrong time. your measurement for size of chicken is ambiguous 6-8 oz total or each breast for 4 breast. exact weight is very important for time.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Samuel, I actually think that it was clear that I meant 6-8 ounces per chicken breast. However, I have edited the recipe and the note to make it even clearer. I’m sorry that you were uncertain and I’m sorry that your chicken breasts were not cooked. Do you know how big they were? Thanks for your feedback :-)

  179. Joel Sutton says:

    It was our first time using our 6 qt insta pot. This recipe came out wonderful :) Thank you!

  180. Justin says:

    I think a problem with cooking frozen chicken like this is ‘frozen’ chicken is not a standard starting temperature. A frozen chicken just means it starts at less than 32 degrees F. It can also be starting at 0 degrees F. The amount of time required to cook a frozen chicken that is 32 degrees F vs 0 degrees F can vary quite a lot. Then when you consider how chicken breasts can be different sizes it is no wonder that some people are experiencing mixed results.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Agreed! I hope that by specifying size and that the chicken pieces should be frozen individually, that helps a bit.

  181. Jul says:

    Well, I realized I had frozen chicken and I needed to get a quick dinner on so I tried out this recipe on a whim. I made a few changes… I used 3 large chicken breasts rather than 4 smaller ones, because that is what I had. I used 1.5 cups of white rice (not rinsed) so I used about 2 1/4 cup of broth. I seasoned with a tsp of dried basil and a tsp of dried thyme. WOW. This was really delicious… I could not have imagined how delicious it was going to be. The chicken was perfect and the carrots were pretty perfect too because I used very fat carrots and I cut them pretty large so they were not too mushy. My husband remarked that the rice was kind of mushy but everyone else really enjoyed it (And actually he enjoyed it too that was just his critique). This is definitely going to be in my regular rotation.

  182. Carlton says:

    I made the recipe with excellent results.

    Changes I made included thawing the chicken breasts (I use a repurposed plastic container with tap water in the refrigerator, four hours usually is enough). I cooked for 8 minutes instead of 7.

    A change I wish I had made was spray the stainless steel bowl with cooking spray.  That helps rice not stick and discolor.

    It was fantastic and I wonder what the failures come from.  I had a expensive stovetop pressure cooker before the instapot and constantly burned the bottom.  No more with the instapot.

  183. Kagan says:

     I read the comments and gave it a shot anyway and I have to tell you that it came out perfectly! I follow the directions and two of us sat down at the dinner table and ate the entire recipe and one sitting! I’ve bookmarked this recipe and I’m looking forward to making it again. 

  184. Rebecca says:

    I tried this tonight even after reading the reviews. 
    I did rinse the rice ahead of time, and used frozen chicken breasts. Everything came out perfect! Rice looked a little too soft but ended up being perfect! Some rice did stick to the bottom but that happens. It went over well, and everyone enjoyed it. Will definitely be making it again

  185. Amie says:

    Mine turned out great. My kids really liked the rice and asked for seconds. Since I did not use frozen (or rinse rice), I added 1/4 cup of water. For seasoning I used a little rosemary and thyme because it’s a great blend for carrots and chicken. I also used brown rice because it is a healthier alternative. My chicken was incredibly juicy and done all the way through. The rice came out cooked almost like a risotto. Carrots were a bit too done (squishy), but I’ve had that same issue with other recipes like pot roast. I would recommend less pepper if you have little one’s. Also, because I felt that the chicken would weigh down and press the rice, I used the instant pot cooking rack. Don’t listen to all of the negative comments to deter your ideas. You put yourself out there and came up with in my opinion a quality family meal. Thank you, I appreciate your recipe.!!

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Amie, Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your great tweaks! It’s still a mystery to me why this recipe works for some people and not others but this gives me hope that the method does in fact work, at least sometimes.

  186. Kathy says:

    Tried this recipe tonight and it was perfect! Used defrosted chicken breasts, didn’t rinse my white rice, and used a bit of coconut oil and better than bouillon. Cooked on the poultry setting in my crockpot instant pot for 15 minutes. Chicken cooked all the way through and rice was delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

  187. Jessica says:

    Made this tonight. After reading the comments midway through, I knew not to try and cook longer or the rice would burn. One thing I noticed is that some of my chicken breasts that were frozen very flat were cooked through and the fatter Brady’s that were bunched up while freezing did not cook through. It’s pretty hit or miss with the frozen chicken breasts. Overall the recipe was tasty, I just sliced the chicken and cooked it in a pan until cooked through. The rice was very yummy  I actually liked that it was slightly brown on the bottom!  

    To the person who said they would sue if they could…really???  

  188. Bethany Moore says:

    Wish I had read the comments. Burned and wasted my ingredients. Pretty disappointed. 

  189. Lisa Armstrong says:

    DANGER- BAD RECIPE YOU CANNOT COOK FROZEN CHICKEN IN NINE MINUTES. Very irresponsible , chicken still raw Waste of money and time now have to pay for takeout. Don’ Take a chance with half raw chicken , there was not enough liquid to bring it up to pressure even after adding mor liquid a couples of times. Garbage recipe 

  190. Pierre says:

    Hello. I tried the recipe and it came out Delicious!! The slight changes I made was. I used legs and thighs. 2 of each. rinsed a coffee mug full of rice. In the pot saute onions and garlic and chunks of red bell peppr in oil.. Then put the rice in the pot and saute for approx, 3 minutes. Then added the chicken, 1/2 cup of mixed vegetables, then a coffee mug and a half of water with a pack of Goya Sazon. It makes the rice yellow. or you can use Turmeric. The chicken releases water, so just use 1 cup or coffee mug, and 1 half water. rice will come out tender and fluffy. Pressure cook for 10 minutes. let it sit another 10 minutes then quick release. I fluffed it up and added pimento stuffed olives. DELICIOUS!!!!

  191. Eric says:

    If I could sue you for ruining my rice and chicken, I would!

  192. Susy James says:

    This recipe is not clear. I too got a burn notice, and no, I didnt rinse my rice. I read on another blog that rice MUST be rinsed several times…..
    Sigh. I am making soup now, because this was a disaster.

    Don’t make this as posted, folks.

  193. Melissa says:

    I followed the directions and it came out perfectly! Then I followed directions and used pork chops instead of chicken, another perfect hit! Thank you!!

  194. Kim says:

    I really wish I would’ve read the comments before trying this.  Chicken was still frozen when timer went off.  Rice was done, but had frozen raw chicken sitting on top of it.  I added more water hoping that would allow it to finish, to no avail.  It took over 2 hours to cook this meal (that included 30+ min in the oven!) & the carrots were still crunchy.  :( 

    My kids don’t think it’s disgusting (except the soggy rice), so at least I don’t have to throw everything away.  

  195. Kirsty says:

    Chicken came out uncooked!!! Put it back in and instantly got a burn notification. Rice is also mushy. 
    This recipe should be taken down so no one else throws money down the drain and wastes their time!!! 

  196. Suzy says:

    I also followed this recipe and got a burn notice (and a turned off cooker) before my chicken was even close to done. I added water and tried cooking it again for a shorter time. I ended up with another burn notice with mushy rice and hard, but seemingly cooked chicken. I am trying one more time for just a couple of minutes to see if I can get the chicken more tender. I think this recipe needs either more detailed instructions or some sort of adjustment to avoid burning.

  197. Bill says:

    What change (if any) would be required for brown instead of white rice?

  198. Bradly Weston says:

    Thank you so much for a quick and easy recipe! And as for the previous comment about the burning, ensure you are rinsing your rice or the starches will burn to the bottom of the pot.

  199. Alaina Rice says:

    This was actually pretty decent. It’s only the 2nd thing I’ve made in my IP, so I really appreciated the clear instruction here. So easy to put together. Of course I have one or two things I would change to suit my taste, but this was a good, quick weeknight meal.

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Alaina, I’m really happy you liked it. I am loving my instant pot and hope that you will get to love yours too.

  200. Dennis says:

    Recipe is BAD.

    Followed each step to the word. Instapot flashed , “Burned”, warning. I must assume there is not enough liquid to make recipe successful. I ruined my food and will not follow your website again.

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