“Where On Earth Is Your Coffee?!” Contest

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My first-ever coffee contest starts today!

It’s awesomely fun!

It’s deliciously easy!

It’s the coffee-tastic “Where On Earth Is Your Coffee?!?!” Contest.

Let me start by telling you where my coffee is today.

I’ve had coffee all over the world.
These days I usually have it at home. My once leisurely coffee routine is now interspersed with brushing little teeth, packing lunches, searching for little socks and trying to decide if I have time to brush my hair into a ponytail.

I misplace my coffee all over the house 3 or 4 times a morning in my attempt to get everything done while trying desperately to fuel myself with java along the way. Last week I even found it in the trunk of my car, where I had left it when transferring the stroller between vehicles.

I’ve turned to using a to-go insulated cup in an effort to keep it warm as long as possible. (I am reminded that this doesn’t really work every time that I find my cup in the microwave where it has been reheated and recooled).

Although the days of sipping Americanos along the Seine are temporarily behind me, it doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in a little luxury right at home, or on the road, like today on a walk around the block with Baby M.

Even though I’m not traveling much these days, my coffee sure does get around!

Show me where your coffee’s gotten to lately by entering my coffee-tastic contest for your chance to win a Windows Phone. Just click over to the contest entry form of Facebook. There you’ll get the coffee-tastic details about taking a picture of your own coffee and how to share it to enter the contest.


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