What Recipe Do You Want to be Remembered For?

What recipe do you want to be remembered for?

Food 52‘s contest this week is The Recipe You Want to be Remembered For. Do you know which recipe you’d enter?

It’s a tricky decision, isn’t it?

Do you choose a dish that everyone loves and repeatedly asks you to make or the one that you love and can’t wait to slurp up?


Do you choose a dish that has a history: The recipe you learned at your mother’s knee or the first thing you cooked for your spouse?

Do you allow yourself to be inspired by the current season or do you choose a true favorite even if it’s out of sync?

My choice was not something everyone raves about (like this melty brie delight) nor was it something that I can’t wait to slurp up (like this Unambigously Baked Baked Potato Soup).

It was not a recipe that I learned from my mother (like Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls, totally unlike these ones) nor was it the first thing I served to my husband (I honestly can’t remember what that even was!).

And, I did not intentionally choose something for springtime although this crazy Florida heat makes it difficult to think slow braise or stew.

None of the above fit. And yet, I knew which recipe to choose as soon as I read the contest title: The Recipe You Want to be Remembered For. I chose a recipe that epitomizes how I want to cook and the person I want to be (neither of which actually matches up with reality most of the time).

They asked how I want to be remembered, not how I am likely to be remembered. And I delivered. The elegant simplicity in this dish is truly something to long for in food and in life.

Go check out Elegant Memories of Asparagus, Parmigiano and Me on Food 52. Comment there about the food then come back here and tell me which recipe you’d like to be remembered for.


2 Responses to “What Recipe Do You Want to be Remembered For?”

  1. phyllis — April 27, 2011 @ 1:57 pm (#)

    This asparagus recipe is lovely. When asparagus is too expensive, I have roasted other vegetables and done the same thing.
    I think a recipe to be remembered for is potato salad. It was given to me by my mother many years ago. When ever it is on a table it gets rave reviews.

    • Christine — April 27, 2011 @ 5:50 pm (#)

      Your potato salad recipe is fantastic. Actually, there’s a potato salad recipe in the contest but it’s one of those plain mayo ones that I don’t really like. Yours/Baba’s is so much better!

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