Transitioning to Healthy Eating

Transitioning into healthy eating: A video with easy tip to slowly ease into healthy eating

I don’t know about you but as the second weekend in January approaches I’m finding my lofty healthy eating goals for 2013 to be a bit more difficult. For instance, it’s The Hub’s birthday today and we’re going out to the amazing Cask and Larder for dinner. You gotta know that I’m going to be eating pimento cheese and ham jam while chugging down some of their house-brewed beer. Decidedly NOT healthy.

But I’m not worrying about it too much. I had a good week food-wise, what with the Wilted Spinach with Raisins and Garlic on pasta for dinner on Monday and two other meatless dinners this week, cutting the sugar and most of the milk out of my coffee and getting in a 2 mile walk/run three times and a yoga class once. And so I feel pretty good, and definitely entitled to a bit of pimento cheese.

Next week is going to be alright too. In my and Katie’s chat with Amanda from Amanda’s Apron this week I was reminded that it’s all about baby steps. Going crazy and making tons of major changes takes a lot of work and even more will power. It’s much easier to slowly change a few things at time. I’m going to have some fun this weekend. And then I’ll try to repeat this week’s successes next week and take on the philosophy of What Happens on the Weekend Stays on the Weekend!

Watch our chat with Amanda and get inspired about what you can do to make some easy little changes to transition to healthy eating. Don’t forget to check out the recipes below for some great healthy eating ideas.

Links from our Healthy Eating video:


Couch-to-5K® training app

Healthy Pasta

How to Make {& Keep} New Years Resolution

How Zumba and P!nk Changed My New Year’s Resolution

Great recipes that will help you make the healthy eating transition:

Breakfast Quinoa

Kale, Mac, & Parm

Quinoa Salad

Skinny Pear Crisp

Barley with Leeks and Mushrooms

Spinach with Raisins and Garlic

Getting in an extra veg by putting spinach or arugula under pasta

Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes and Cauliflower

Crunchy-Baked Chicken Strips

Quinoa Power Pancakes

Healthy Green Smoothies

Kale Salad with Cherries and Pecans

Now head on down to the comments and tell me, what little things are you doing to transition into healthy eating? I would love to hear all your tips and bits of advice!

Happy January Recover from Christine

7 Responses to “Transitioning to Healthy Eating”

  1. phyllis — January 16, 2013 @ 8:09 am (#)

    That was a fun video. I read an article about how to take some of the bitterness out of the bitter greens in salads. The trick was to lightly dress them in EVOO and then massage them with your hands. The massaging technique takes the bitterness away. Christi, about following Em around, don’t try climbing into the bar stools. We may have to come and rescue you :)

    • Christine Pittman — January 16, 2013 @ 2:13 pm (#)

      lol! Yeah Mom, you’re right. If I followed Em all day I’d end up not only stuck in the barstools but standing on and then breaking all kinds of little tables and chairs! That girl sure does get everywhere!

  2. Suai — January 11, 2013 @ 3:10 pm (#)

    Happy Birthday to your hubby. It’s my hubby’s birthday too today. And how lucky are you? We were going to Cask and Larder on our last trip but ended up cancelling. Next time. Let me know how it is! Happy weekend.

    • Christine Pittman — January 12, 2013 @ 7:55 pm (#)

      It was FANTASTIC! Definitely go next time you’re in town. And let me know you’re here. We could meet up for a coffee, or for a pint at the C&L!

  3. Jodie — January 11, 2013 @ 9:49 am (#)

    I have done vegetarian and also eliminated dairy and eggs from my everyday eating and I’m floored by the results! I feel amazing – my joints don’t ache anymore, my gut is much happier……as am I:)

    • Christine Pittman — January 13, 2013 @ 7:23 am (#)

      Wow! That’s a huge transition! How long have you been doing it for? Is your plan to keep it up indefinitely or is it just a way to kick start some healthiness into your life with a goal to gradually reintroduce but in moderation? I’m very interested in how it goes for you.

    • Jodie — January 13, 2013 @ 9:19 am (#)

      Thanks – I plan to keep it up for the most part. I’m going to try and go for 30 days straight vegan, and then moving forward shoot for 80-90%. That being, if I’m out with friends and want to have a fabulous egg white omelet or perhaps a wonderful piece of fish – I probably will — but only allow that about once a week or every other week. That’s my *Plan* — we’ll see if I can pull it off:) Baby steps!

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