Air Fryer Recipes

The air fryer is an amazing tool for making all kinds of recipes. It’s especially great for quick weeknight meals. Here are all of our tasty air fryer recipes!

Pictured above: Air Fryer Sriracha Salmon Fried Rice Dinner

Some people think of the air fryer as a tool to make traditionally deep-fried foods healthier. But actually, the air fryer is a wonderful appliance to use for all kinds of things. I especially love it for speeding up weeknight meals!

The air fryer doesn’t need to be preheated for more than a couple of minutes, and then it cooks food quickly while crisping them up for wonderful flavor. It’s also hands-free cooking, so you can put things in there and then walk away.

I especially love using the air fryer to cook meat, poultry, and fish, whether breaded or not. For instance, you can pop a package of raw Italian sausages into the air fryer and within 10 minutes they’ll be brown and crisp on the outside, and cooked through on the inside! Here’s how to cook sausages in the air fryer. 

You can also cook ground meats in the air fryer. It’s actually kind of miraculous. Add your package of meat, season it a bit, use a wooden spoon to separate and stir, then set it to cook for 10 minutes. The meat will be cooked through, browned on the outside, and the fat will have dripped down into the container below the air fryer basket. It’s so convenient.

The air fryer is also a quick way to cook up pork tenderloin, pork chopschicken breasts, scallops, and shrimp, even straight from frozen shrimp are done in no time. You can get a nice crisp skin on salmon in the air fryer too!

Vegetables turn out really great in the air fryer. The best vegetable air fryer resource that I know of is over on our sister site, TheCookful, so definitely check that out too!

There are tons of air fryer recipes to check out below. Here are some of my favorites to get your started in making great use of your air fryer:

Chicken Fajitas in the Air Fryer

Chicken Cutlets in the Air Fryer

Breaded Chicken Breasts in the Air Fryer

Stuffed Peppers in the Air Fryer

Home Fries in the Air Fryer

I hope you love browsing all of my air fryer recipes and that you fall in love with this little machine as much as I have.


Christine xo

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