Most Popular Recipes of 2014

Here are the most popular recipes of 2014 on COOKtheSTORY. I’m so excited to tell you which ones made the cut!

Can you believe it’s going to be 2015? I mean, 2015! You know why 2015’s a big year, right?

Remember the movie Back to the Future II where Michael J. Fox was flying around on a hoverboard?

THAT was 2015.

It seemed so far into the future. And now it’s almost here.


While I doubt that hoverboards will appear in 2015 I do know one thing that we’ll have: Good food!

Over here at COOKtheSTORY 2015 will be filled with tasty recipes. To help me figure out what types of recipes you like best and what I should come up with in 2015 I thought I’d look over the past year and see what your favorite recipes have been. That will help me when I plan for the year ahead. Feel free to add suggestions in the comment section below so I can take inspiration from there as well.

Here we go! The Most Popular Recipes of 2014! 14 of them, of course!

These recipes are those that received the highest number of visits over the course of the year.

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Number 14: Creamy Greek Yogurt Hummus

For 2014 I was a Brand Ambassador for Stonyfield. They regularly challenged me to make food more delicious by adding yogurt to it. This Greek Yogurt Hummus was the result of one of those challenges. It’s truly the creamiest must satisfying hummus I’ve ever had. I’m excited that Stonyfield has hired me for another year and I can’t wait to see what delicious yogurt challenges they have for me in the year ahead.

Greek Yogurt Hummus DSC_1612 edit talltext small

Number 13: Crispy Coconut Baked Fish

I can never decide what I like more about this fish recipe. Is it the coconut crust or the Coconut Cilantro Sauce served on the side. If you make it, let me know which you like best.

coconut baked fish portrait

Number 12: Pumpkin Popcorn Balls

These popcorn balls are one of my favorite discoveries of 2014 because they’re so so so easy to make. Instead of the usual melted sugar candy mixture required for popcorn balls, these ones use melted marshmallows (just like rice krispy squares). They’re ready before you know it. For this Halloween version I added orange food coloring to make them look like pumpkins. But you could do pink for Valentine’s Day, Green for St. Patrick’s Day or keep them white and have them anytime.

Pumpkin Popcorn Balls (12) edit portrait 600px text


Number 11: Grilled Chicken for a Crowd

When we have a big barbecue I worry a bit about raw meat going from the kitchen to the grill and then I worry about whether the meat on the grill is fully cooked or not. I decided to take all the risk out of grilling by doing a mostly make-ahead grilled chicken. You slow roast the chicken first before anyone arrives (as early as the day before!). Then at the last minute you grill it, just long enough to heat it through and give it a bit of char. No fuss and it’s the juiciest grilled chicken you’ll ever make.

grilled chicken edit portrait 600 px water DSC_2247


Number 10: Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake

I totally understand why this is a favorite recipe on my site. Who doesn’t love cheesecake? And who doesn’t love milkshakes? Put them together and life is good!

Cheesecake Milkshake (13) edit portrait 600px text


Number 9: Italian Roasted Cauliflower

This is one of those recipes that I make again and again. It’s simple roasted cauliflower taken to a new flavor place. If you haven’t made it yet, you’ve got to try it. Tonight.

Italian Roasted Cauliflower (2) edit portrait 600px text


Number 8: Easy Pumpkin Sou with Bacon and Parmesan Crumbles

Halfway through 2014 I started my SOUPin15 series where every week I share a homemade soup that’s ready in under 15 minutes. I started the series because I’m always making quick soups for my family and I wanted others to learn how quick and easy soup can be. I was delighted to find out that one of my quick soup recipes made it onto this Top 14 list. The soup that made the cut is this Pumpkin Soup with Parmesan and Bacon Crumbles. If you haven’t made it yet, you’ve gotta give it a try. Like all the SOUPin15 recipes it’s so delicious that nobody will ever believe it was ready in under 15 minutes.

Pumpkin Soup (8) edit potrait 600px text


Number 7: How to Cook Farro

Over the past year I’ve become obsessed with farro. It’s such a hearty, tasty, healthy grain. And my kids like it so I make it often. In this recipe I explain how to cook faro in three different ways: On the stove top; In the oven and In the slow cooker. If you haven’t tried farro before, check this out. I think your family will love it as much as mine does.

How to Cook Farro


Number 6: Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Everyone loves stuffed peppers. I think people who don’t like peppers even like them when they’re stuffed with something delicious. Like Mac and Cheese!

Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Peppers Portrait


Number 5: Chicken with Tomatoes, Basil, & Chillies

One of my favorite ways to cook dinner is to throw everything into a big pan and put it in the oven. It’s so simple and the flavors combine as they cook to make a delicious meal every time. I first tasted a version of this recipe when my sister-in-law made it for us. In our house we call it Maria’s Chicken in her honor and I make it at least twice a month (with chillies on only half of the chicken pieces so that the kids can dive in too!).

Baked Chicken with Tomatoes and Basil Portrait 600 Text


Number 4: Summer Vegetable Gratin

I used to think that gratins were hard to make. Then I discovered how easy they could be. Now I make them all the time, even in the hot summer months. Summer veggies don’t get better than when they’ re in a creamy sauce with a crunchy cheesy topping.

Summer Vegetable Gratin DSC_2272 edit portrait text 600px


Number 3: How to Cook Fish from Frozen

In 2014 I discovered how to cook fish from frozen and so I filled you in on how to do it. I think people love this recipe because it’s so quick and convenient. If you didn’t take anything out of the freezer for supper, you can still be eating within 20 minutes. This fish goes straight from the freezer to the oven and turns out flaky, moist and delicious.

how to cook fish from frozen portrait 600 text


Number 2: Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan

I’m in love with this Chicken Parmesan recipe and I’m so happy that you are too. If you haven’t tried it, let me tell you that it’s all about the crunchy breadcrumbs that you add at the end. Oh, and the cheese!

Chicken Parmigiana (7) edit portrait 600px text


Number 1!!!  Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers

The most popular 2014 recipe on COOKtheSTORY was for these Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers and I totally know why. Who can resist the flavors of wing sauce, ranch dressing and cheese mixed with chicken and stuffed into peppers? A very cool thing about this recipe is that the filling is made using raw chicken, no cooking it first. The timing of the recipe and the way the ingredients are prepped makes sure that the chicken is cooked when the peppers are softened. Quick and convenient and super-delicious too!

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers DSC_1815 edit tall text small


That’s them! The most popular recipes of 2014! I’m going to keep this list in mind, along with the aspects of the recipes that make them popular, as I come up with new recipes for 2015. If you have ideas about the kinds of recipes you’d like to see or if you have certain situations or concerns that you’d like help with to make your cooking life easier, leave a comment below and let me know. I’m always happy to help in any way I can.

Thank you for joining me in this wonderful year of simple and delicious homemade recipes. The comments and tips that you share with me here on COOKtheSTORY and in the social media world inspire me and bring new freshness to my ideas every day. I love cooking for my family alongside you and I hope that you learn a bit from me and get some inspiration too.

Hoverboards or not, I wish you a fun and delicious 2015!

-Christine xo:)

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3 Responses to “Most Popular Recipes of 2014”

  1. Theresa — May 10, 2016 @ 10:56 am (#)

    Hi Christine, I was wondering if you could precook the chicken in the oven and then freeze them, and then take them out and defrost and cook them on the grill.  I am having a large graduation party (for my daughter Christine!) and I am trying to make as much food ahead of time as possible.  Thanks in advance.

    • Christine Pittman — May 10, 2016 @ 2:07 pm (#)

      Theresa, Yes, I think that would work! Cool them and then package them for the freezer. I’d say freeze in a single layer and then put them in a bag so that when defrosting they’re not a big lump of chicken but are individual pieces. Defrost in the fridge overnight or put the freezer bags in cold water. Then sauce them and grill them to heat through and get the nice charred grill marks. Great question, btw. Thank you and congratulations to you and your daughter on her graduation :-).

  2. Carol at Wild Goose Tea — December 30, 2014 @ 1:55 pm (#)

    Amazing how wide spread the spectrum is for recipes. It’s all over the board. No way—at last from what I can see—that you can see a trend. Maybe the next tier in combination with this batch would give you a clue. On the other hand it allows you
    to just be wild and crazy on what you choose to present. And that is FUN.

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