Meal Plan #31: Super Simple Recipes

The meal plan this week features five meals that are super-simple to make to take some of the pressure off.

To hear all of the info about this meal plan, listen to the Time Management Insider: E31 – Why Is Meal-Planning So Freaking Hard? by clicking the black and yellow play button below, or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts. The episode contains info about the meal plan, some great time-saving tips, and a conversation with Gillian Behnke of Mom Camp and of the Mom Camp Life Podcast about her strategies for meal-planning.

Here is this week’s meal plan:

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15-Minute Chicken Enchilada Soup Recipe (Note: If you don’t have corn flour, you can crush up about 15 tortillas and add them to the soup as it cooks to give the soup that toasted corn flavor).

Serve with baby carrots and sliced cucumbers


Make spaghetti however your household likes it best. For the grocery list items, I’m just going to put the following on the list: Spaghetti pasta, canned tomato sauce, ground beef, and Parmesan cheese. If you’d like anything else in or on yours, add it to the list. If you want a recipe to follow, this One-Pot Spaghetti and Meatballs is really great and super-easy!

Green beans: Put 1 inch of water into a pot and put a steamer basket over it. Bring to a boil. Add green beans. Cover. Cook until fork tender, 4-7 minutes. Or use this air fryer green bean recipe, which is totally my favorite way to make them these days.


Easiest Best Way To Cook Shrimp (they’re poached straight from frozen and are so plump and juicy when done!) After they’re cooked, drain them and then season with salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and a little squeeze of lemon juice.

Make rice according to package instructions or in the Instant Pot. Make extra to use on Day #5.

Salad: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, red onion, store-bought Italian dressing.


The idea here is to keep it basic. Sliced bread, mustard, mayo, some lunchmeat, lettuce, and tomato.

Serve with some baby carrots and an apple.


Greek Rice Bowls Recipe (use leftover rice from Day #3)

Serve with pita bread, if desired.

Click the yellow button for a printable grocery list.

Printable Grocery List - Click Here

I hope you love this meal plan. Have a great day!

Christine xo

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