Meal Plan #16: Meals With Great Names To Add Interest

On Episode #16 of my podcast, TMI with Christine, I talk with Dr. Charles Spence, a Psychologist at Oxford University, about how all of our senses are involved in our enjoyment of food and how that can help us as home cooks. One point is that what we name our meals matters. Our meal plan this week therefore has dinners with interesting names to get our families interested in the food. It’s a delicious plan that your whole family will love!

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To hear all of the info about this meal plan, listen to the TMI with Christine: E16 – What You Name Your Dinner Matters, Who Knew? on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

The guest on the podcast this week, Dr. Spence, has two books available on Amazon that are on this topic. Check them out:

Gastrophysics: The New Science Of Eating

The Perfect Meal: The Multisensory Science of Food and Dining

Here is this week’s meal plan:

Day #1: Avgolemono and Greek Peppers

15 Minute Avgolemono (Greek Lemon Soup)

Greek Peppers: Slice bell peppers, drizzle with Greek or Italian salad dressing and sprinkle with feta cheese. Make twice as much as your family needs to have leftovers for Day #2.

Day #2: Crispy Chicken Milanese with Golden Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes and Peppers

Crispy Chicken Milanese

Golden Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes

Leftover Greek Peppers from Day #1.

Day #3: Buffalo Cod with Ranch-Alfredo Fettuccine and Wilted Spinach

Buffalo Cod with Ranch-Alfredo Sauce

Wilted Spinach: Put a pile of raw fresh baby spinach leaves (about a cup) on each dinner plate. Top with the hot pasta and cod. The heat from the pasta will wilt the spinach underneath.

Day #4: Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Zucchini Gratin

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Zucchini Gratin (Make twice as much as your family needs to have leftovers for Day #5)

Day #5: Steak Diane, Zucchini Gratin, Crusty Garlic Bread

Steak Diane

Leftover Zucchini Gratin from Day #4

Crusty Garlic Bread

Grocery List For The Meal Plan

Click the yellow button for a printable grocery list.

Printable Grocery List - Click Here

I hope you love this meal plan. Have a great day!

Christine xo

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