Fun Lunchbox Recipe: Pizza Bento Box for Produce for Kids

This Pizza Bento Box recipe was developed by me for Produce for Kids, I’ll share the recipe and we’ll talk about my son’s picky lunch habits, too.

Pizza Bento Box Lunch, an easy and healthy lunchbox idea by @cookthestory for @produceforkids

Nothing makes me more sad than opening my son’s lunch box at the end of the day and discovering that almost everything has remained intact and uneaten.

I ask myself, “Did he eat at all today? Is he hungry now? WHY WON’T HE EAT HIS LUNCH???”

That’s why I caved in and bought him a plastic packaged lunch from the grocery store. Crackers, cheese, ham. He’d spotted them on the shelf and asked if he could have one for lunch one day. I responded, “Do you promise to eat it all?” He swore that he would.

And he did.

For several months after that, I sent him with one of those packets at least once a week, more often if they were on sale.

And then one day I read the ingredient list more carefully. I realized that he probably gets more nutrients from his barely eaten homemade lunches than from these packets.

I decided to nix the packets from then on. He was heart broken. For whatever reason, he really had loved them.

I asked him which of those packets had been his favorite. “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!” I asked him what he liked about it. “I like making it myself. I like being a cook just like you, Mommy!” (Aww shucks. Now you know why I give-in to his requests so easily).

The next day I sent him to school with a little whole wheat pita, a container of tomato sauce, shredded cheese and sliced veggies.

And to my delight, even though it had not been purchased all together in a plastic pack, none of it was in his lunch box when I opened it up later that afternoon.

He had eaten the entire pizza bento box!

Pizza Bento Box Lunch, an easy and healthy lunchbox idea by @cookthestory for @produceforkids

Oh, and here’s another healthy Bento Box Recipe that J loves. It’s a pasta salad recipe that you can make ahead and freeze.

Kid's Lunch Box Pasta Salad Recipe - This healthy pasta salad can be made ahead and frozen. Then toss it into the lunch box and it'll thaw out by lunch time.

Now head over to the Produce for Kids site for the Pizza Bento Box lunch recipe.

Produce for Kids is a healthy family resource that offers meal planning tools and healthy recipes for your family. All of the recipes are approved by a registered dietitian for containing all the nutrients your kids need (and not too much of the things they don’t). All nutritional info for each recipe is given as well.

They hired me to develop some recipes for them and to take pictures of more. Once a week for the next 2 months I’ll be posting about their healthy family-friendly foods. I hope you enjoy all this produce-filled inspiration.

Now tell me, how do you add healthy fun to your kid’s lunch boxes?

Do you have ideas for other lunches that kids assemble themselves?

Do you have special recipes that you know your kids will eat that are good for them too?

I’d love some help finding more things that J will eat so that I don’t ever end up using those packets again.

Scroll down to the comment section and help me out, or just see what other people have to say.

Disclosure: Produce for Kids paid me to develop 7 recipes, take pictures of those 7 recipes and photograph an additional 20 recipes. I agreed to also write about the recipes and to promote the recipes and their organization as part of the compensation package. All opinions are my own.


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