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Happy Thanksgiving! What? You’re not happy? You’re worried and stressed? Why? Because of Christmas? But Christmas is like 33 days away. There’s plenty of time. Nobody should be panicked yet. I mean, there’s over a month to get the house decorated, the outdoor lights put up, the tree bought, the Christmas cards written, the cookies baked, the cards sent, the tree set up, the gifts bought, the tree decorated, the gifts wrapped, the dinner cooked…HOLY  CRAP! You’re right! There’s NOT ENOUGH TIME!!! It’s going to be a DISASTER!!! Deep breaths. Think. O.K., Christmas isn’t here yet. It’s going to be o.k. I can do this. I just need a bit of help. What might help? Well, I could head over to the Cook The Story Fabulous Foodie Gifts Store full of amazing Cooking Gifts perfect for every food lover. Ordering those brilliantly selected gifts and crossing those names off my list would definitely free up some of my time.

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Yes, for sure. That’s what I’ll do. You should too. I mean, everyone loves food. Everyone will be happy with these gifts, especially you since you’ll be able to check “gifts bought” right off your list. Hooray for you! You’re so awesome. I knew you could get it all done in time.

But seriously, my Fabulous Foodie Gifts Store has all my favorite kitchen gadget gift ideas, my favorite cookbooks that make great gifts and my absolute favorite cooking and food magazine subscriptions as gifts so that your loved ones get something from you every month.

It doesn’t stop there though! I even have some fun cooking gift ideas for kids, from my favorite children’s cookbooks, storybooks about food, the toy stove and sink set that my darling chef J has in “his kitchen” and lots of other kid cooking toys and accessories.

So head over to my cool cooking gifts store and get all your shopping done even before Black Friday starts!

And remember: Don’t panic. There’s not that much to do before Christmas, right?

Still stressed? Have a drink. That may not help cross things off your Christmas list but at least you’ll be merry. :)

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