Guest Post: The Mrs, Her Mr and Rootbeer Pulled Pork

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Rootbeer pulled pork is a fantastic entree to serve for summer picnics or big gatherings. This recipe is a guest post from Sandi at The Mrs.

Note from Christine: This was not originally meant to be a Guest Post Swap. It was originally a gift of a post from The Mrs to me for use after my sweet baby girl was born. But I hoarded it, waiting for just the right super-crazy time. In that hoarding period The Mrs had her own sweet baby girl and then I finally got around to writing and sending her a post-baby guest post.

Now we find ourselves each with a post from the other ready to go out on the same day. How fun!

I’m very excited about this post from The Mrs since it means you get to experience her wonderful amusiosity at its best. Read her post then head over for the Root Beer Pulled Pork recipe and poke around her blog for a bit. You’ll love it. She’s so very insightful and she makes me snort coffee out of my nose on a regular basis (that’s a good thing, right?).>

I have experienced some of my happiest moments in my horribly ugly kitchen, although – thankfully – I didn’t give birth to any of my kids there (nor do I plan to, thank you very much).

Strange beginning, I know, but bear with me – I actually have a point.

See, harmony in the kitchen wasn’t always the case. In fact, it’s fairly recent, and has come from long years of gradual adjustment.

When Seth and I got married, we didn’t really talk about cooking. I assumed that I’d be the cook; my mother was, so I would be too. Imagine how much worse the crooked nose I was born with looked after it got all out of joint with Seth’s announcement that he wanted to cook too. Let’s just say that I didn’t handle it well.

For the longest time, if we had to share a kitchen, I’d be prickly. Everything he did bugged me – the way he’d measure out all his ingredients in separate bowls, the way he’d splash spaghetti sauce all over the stove, the way he’d follow the recipe precisely…it all rubbed me the wrong way, and I let him know it.

Fortunately, he persevered. These days, he’s a far better cook than I am – intuitive, adventurous, and consistent. He’s talked me into liking so many things I had been missing out on, like Buffalo Chicken Wings, French Onion Soup, Red Beet Eggs, cheese as a general category (Who doesn’t like cheese? I ask you!), and – my personal favourite, Root Beer Pulled Pork.

Rootbeer Pulled Pork

And me? I’m the “It’ll be fine” girl. I still forget to read the recipe all the way through before starting, and haphazardly substitute or ignore ingredients I’ve only just realized I don’t have.

I have a few classics that always turn out well, and I’m the bread and pie maker in the family, but for the most part it’s Seth that I turn to for deliciousness. And now that I’m back to working full time, he’s home first, and he’s usually already working on dinner when I run frantically to the bathroom after abandoning the kids at the front door.

(Sue me, I’m pregnant.)

I’ve even learned to stop following him around and “cleaning as he goes” by throwing out bowls of reserved broth and tiny pre-measured amounts of lemon peel, in the mistaken spirit of co-operation.

Thankfully. I don’t like to think what he’d do if I still “helped”.

These days, if we have a chance to be together in the kitchen, it’s because one of us is cooking and one of us is running interference on the kids. Usually we have Queen or The Avett Brothers playing, and we’re talking about our day while trying to keep our son from sitting on the dishwasher door or turning on the stove and our daughter from eating the garlic raw. We’re busy, but we’re happy, and the food is edible.

Which is a definite improvement over ten years ago.

Grab the Rootbeer Pulled Pork Recipe Here

Sandi writes about cheapskatery and housewifery on her blog The Mrs. For a mediocre cook, she’s overly obsessed with food, and is enjoying staying at home and eating bon-bons (whatever they are) now that her third baby has arrived.

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