Freezable Homemade Pizza Pockets

Surprise your kids with pizza pockets in their lunchboxes. Take them out of the freezer in the morning, put them in the lunchboxes, and they’ll be defrosted by noon. This post is sponsored by Produce for Kids.

Mornings are crazy, right? I run around the house yelling out things like, “Time to get dressed, brush your teeth, come eat breakfast, put your shoes on, where is your binder?” “Why aren’t you dressed yet?” “Put on your shoes!” “Where are your shoes?” “Why don’t you have socks on?” “Oh no…you were supposed to wear your bathing suit today!” “Where’s your bathing suit?” “Oh, there it is, on the laundry room floor. Still wet. Uh-oh.”

You know exactly what I mean. Mornings are hard.

For that reason I’ll take any help I can get. And help sometimes comes from work I’ve done weeks ahead.

That’s the case with these homemade pizza pockets. You make a big batch and freeze them. When it’s time to make lunch on that crazy morning, you just put one or two of these into the lunchbox, still frozen. They’ll defrost by lunchtime. And they’re filled with pizza goodness so you know the kids will eat them.
Freezable Homemade Pizza Pockets
They’re pretty healthy though. The dough is made with whole wheat flour and has wheat germ in it. Some good fiber in there. The filling has some veggies too.

If you add some carrot sticks and a fruit, you’ve got a complete little lunch. In seconds.

Thanks for the help, me!

Visit Produce for Kids for the recipe.

Pizza Pockets

Why is my recipe over at the Produce for Kids site? For the past few years, Produce for Kids and I have been working together to come up with family-friendly healthy recipes. I develop new recipes for them and photograph those and a whole bunch more. This fall, we’ve teamed up again with another round of healthy recipes to share with you. This is one of them. You can see all of my Produce for Kids recipes here.

Produce for Kids is a healthy family resource that offers meal planning tools and healthy recipes for your family. All of the recipes are approved by a registered dietitian for containing all the nutrients your kids need (and not too much of the things they don’t). All nutritional info for each recipe is given as well.

Disclosure: Produce for Kids is a client of mine. They paid me to develop this recipe, to photograph the recipe, to post about it on my blog and to promote it on social media. All opinions are my own.

Freezable Pizza Pockets

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  1. We are finally sending someone to school this week and I’m so excited!! 

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