The Jump To Recipe Meal Plans

You’ve jumped to the right place! This is the Jump to Recipe podcast’s meal plan hub. Scroll down to see 100+ meal plans that use fresh ingredients and showcase delicious recipes.

When I create these meal plans every week, I strive to make them budget-friendly by selecting dinners that make use of a lot of the same ingredients. However, I also make sure that there’s plenty of variety so that you’re not bored. The result is a tasty meal plan with lots of different flavors that doesn’t break the bank.

These meal plans are part of my weekly podcast, Jump to Recipe, the show for busy people who love to cook. Every week I have a short conversation with a fascinating person from the food world so that you and I can both stay up to date on our favorite topics: food and cooking! Then, I walk you through the weeks’ meal plan. On Jump to Recipe you get some interesting cooking conversation and your meal-planning done, all in one show.

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I hope this show and these meal plans save you time in your busy life. Have a great day!

Christine :-)

Here Are All Of The Weekly Meal Plans:

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