Broccoli and Cheese Crustless Quiches

Don’t fuss with a crust! Make these crustless quiches and then freeze them to have on hand for any busy morning. They’re great for the lunchbox too. This post is sponsored by Produce for Kids, your healthy family resource. For more healthy family-friendly recipes head over to

Don't fuss with a crust! Make these crustless quiches and then freeze them to have on hand for any busy morning. They're great for the lunchbox too.

If you’re like me, you wake up in the morning blurry-eyed waiting for the kettle to boil so you can make tea (or coffee – pick your caffeine poison). You take a sip. Finally. And then you look towards the counter and at the lunch boxes there and you think, “Darn. What am I making the kids for lunch today???”

This happens a lot. Except if I’ve thought ahead and made a batch of something that I can pop into those boxes. When I remember to do that, the post-sipping-my-tea phase of my morning is brilliant.

Thankfully, the cool chicks over at Produce for Kids have tons of ideas just like that. I developed today’s Crustless Quiches for them to go along with a bunch of lunchbox recipes that they have for their Power Your Lunchbox Pledge. These are all healthy recipes and ideas that will make packing your kids’, and your own, lunchboxes so much easier.

What is the Power Your Lunchbox Pledge? It’s a pledge to pack and to eat healthier lunches.If you take the pledg you get money-saving coupons and for every pledge taken, the Produce for Kids partners will make a collective $1 donation to Feeding America® to provide meals to families in need.

Back to the quiches. Mmmm. The best thing about these little guys is that they can be frozen for up to two months. So you can make a batch of them, freeze them individually, and then put a couple straight from the freezer and into the lunchbox on any particularly blurry-eyed day.

To make the mini quiches: Whisk some eggs. Add steamed broccoli florets, shredded cheddar, evaporated milk and lemon pepper seasoning. Divide among some mini muffin tins. Top each one with a couple of rings of mini peppers and then bake until they’re set, about 20 minutes. Let them cool in the pan and then remove them. You can keep them in the fridge for up to 3 days or freeze them for two months. Easy!


Why is my recipe over at the Produce for Kids site? For the past few years, Produce for Kids and I have been working together to come up with family-friendly healthy recipes. I develop new recipes for them and photograph those and a whole bunch more. This Winter, we’ve teamed up again with another round of healthy recipes to share with you. This is one of them. You can see all of my Produce for Kids recipes here.

Produce for Kids is a healthy family resource that offers meal planning tools and healthy recipes for your family. All of the recipes are approved by a registered dietitian for containing all the nutrients your kids need (and not too much of the things they don’t). All nutritional info for each recipe is given as well.

Disclosure: Produce for Kids is a client of mine. They paid me to develop this recipe, to photograph the recipe, to post about it on my blog and to promote it on social media. All opinions are my own.

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