A Grilling Chat Inspires a Make Ahead BBQ Meal

Summer is going by WAY too fast. It’s been so crazy around here that we’ve barely had the chance to enjoy it. The hubs has been traveling a lot. I’ve been traveling a lot. The kids have been running around a lot (yes, even the wee one. She’s beyond crawling already and is pulling up and cruising the furniture).

This weekend we’ve decided to relax a lot and grill a lot. The relax part is just because we need it. The grill part is because I was inspired by the grill chat Katie and I had with Brett from The Hunger Extinguisher this week.



The Hubs and I relax best (and eat best!) when we have friends around so we’ve invited our old neighbors over.

The plan is to go for a little canoe ride around the lake and then let the kids splash in the wading pool and sprinklers while the adults sip on beers in lawn chairs. Heaven, right?

Well, almost heaven. It could become more like purgatory if I wind up watching the fun through the kitchen window. I need some make ahead food so that I can stay out of the kitchen. I’m going to get everything ready ahead of time so I can plant my butt in a lawnchair and watch The Hubs and The-Friend-Of-The-Hubs boast near the BBQ with their beers and tongs.

The menu:

To start: Grilled Marinated Garlicky Brie served simply with crackers and sliced baguette

Main Course:


I’ll let you in on the secret: It’s not about the recipe, it’s about the method. This method yields meat that hugs the bone just enough to stay on while it gets a little toast and char from the grill. You season and cook the ribs the day before (or earlier in the day) and then just need to pop them on for that bit of char for a few minutes before serving.

Side Dishes:

Corn on the Cob Saltimbocca

Crispy Grilled Potatoes

Dessert: Grilled Mangoes with ice cream

I also have a freezer full of treats. I think the kids are going to be very happy!

Hmmm…if the kids are getting all these frozen treats shouldn’t we get some too? The Potent Creamsicle Milkshake will be the perfect thing to sip on once the kids are zonked out in front of the TV and the grownups are talking quietly under the stars. It’s not make ahead but is super-quick and totally worth the tiny bit of time in the kitchen (morning hangover be damned!).

Do you have any favorite make-ahead grill recipes? Please tell me about them. I hope this weekend will go so well that we’ll repeat the format again and again. Your recipe ideas would certainly help!

2 Responses to “A Grilling Chat Inspires a Make Ahead BBQ Meal”

  1. Cristin Cogen — July 22, 2012 @ 5:24 am (#)

    Ahhhh these pictures just made my stomach rumble. I need to try some of them.. look so yummy!

    • Christine Pittman — July 23, 2012 @ 9:36 am (#)

      Always delighted to make people’s stomachs rumble. That’s a good sign for sure! Thanks for visiting :).

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