Tequila-Marinated Steak Burritos for Beef Month

Memorial Day is just around the corner. I have just the thing. A delicious and healthy (and did I mention delicious?) flank steak marinated in tequila and orange juice and then grilled, sliced and piled into burritos. Soooo good!

Special Fried Farro

Learn how to make classic fried rice but with farro instead of rice. It's just as delicious but way healthier.

How to Cook Farro: Three Cooking Methods

Learn how to cook farro on the stove top, in the oven and in the slow cooker and find out when and if it is necessary to soak farro.

Bacon Ranch Guacamole

Cinqo de mayo is around the corner and I have a delicious new twist on the classic guacamole for you, Bacon Ranch Guacamole!

Cooking Zucchini Whole So That It Isn’t Mushy

Learn how to cook zucchini on the grill or under the broiler using a method that cooks it perfectly, never soggy or mushy. Just delicious.

Chicken Cordon Bleu from Frozen

Learn how to make Chicken Cordon Bleu from frozen chicken breasts. It's a perfect quick and easy weeknight dinner idea.

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